ORGAN THING: We’re out of here, here’s some Heldinky and some animation and such….

#365ArtDrops Part 337

#365ArtDrops Part 337

We’re out of here then, see you on the other side of all the stuff, we could leave you with some kind of Christmas song but no no no, humbug to that, missed this one, we need to squeeze it in before the end of the year, you can never have too much animation or indeed Heldinky

Time by Heldinky – Animation by BAFTA award winning Hywel Griffith


Don’t ask us who Tripes are or is, are, definitely are… “Tripes is a trio.Tripes is a JazzSuicide trio. Tripes is a trio working transe by boredom, using very long forms with a minimalistic material. Tripes is a trio that creates endless tunnels of patterns that all look the same but modifying by themselves imperceptibly. Tripes is a trio…” Tripes are from Paris….


Van Der Graaf Generator, BBC Top Gear Session 14th Dec1971….

More on the other side…. maybe…

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