ORGAN PREVIEW: Annie Attridge, Should of Could of Would of, an art show at MOCA….

annie_attridge_flyerORGAN PREVIEW: Annie Attridge “Should of Could of Would of” an art show that happens between January 31st and February 27th, 2016, with a strangely timed private view happening on January 31st between the times of 2pm and 4pm Opening: Thursday – Saturdays 2- 6pm (or by appointment)

Annie Attridge presents the first 2016 exhibition at MOCA London,  New works, Should of Could of Would of depict scenes and snippets of shapes and forms of imagined or real lustful trysts the artist should have done, could have done, would have done or even might have done.

Attridge’s continued loved affair with porcelain plays out through her now familiar symbolism, using both her avatars and the female form to describe the symbiosis of her sexual and romantic consciousness.

Geometrically structured bases are placed under the porcelains they are reminiscent of wobbly scaffolding, but still strong at the core. The sculptures and bases balance on top of organically constructed concrete plinths to create towers of or to love, romantic hedonist ideals presented on a pedestal.

For some time, Attridge has been exploring and embracing the juxtaposed positioning of materials in a manner that seeks to conjure an erotic feeling that has been built up from the foundations, as if the strength of love exists from the roots up.

A new series of prints accompany these porcelain works. They too explore her world of avatar and masks. Chaotic, energetic marks express dreamlike scenes, a little grimy, but seeped like some kind of private passionate expression”.

MOCA London, Museum of Contemporary Art Project Space, 113 Bellenden Road, London, SE15 4QY



About MOCA

The Museum of Contemporary Art, London was founded in 1994 as a project based museum. No formal built space was to be required to mount a series of international exhibitions that incorporated sculpture, video, painting, photography and installation. Projects were curated for virtual and specific sites, and these past projects can be seen in the Archive.

In January 2004 MOCA opened a project space in South London in the Bellenden Renewal Area to initiate a series of exhibitions that were locally based but global in focus. The Project Space exists to offer established and upcoming artists the possibility of making non-commercial work, developing the projects over various periods of time to suit both the artist and MOCA. Projects emerge when they are ready. This co-operative style of working means that the Project Space has no formal exhibition structure, and works are in situ when they are ready. You can find these projects in Past Projects.


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