ORGAN: American conceptual artist Dan Graham on why he hates conceptual art… Debs for Mayor of London… And another bag load of feisty punky shouty riot grrl flavoured queercore goodness and such..

Well just a whole load of things that are worth sharing in some way, things that have crossed our path, things like American conceptual artist Dan Graham on why he hates conceptual art

Dan Graham

Dan Graham

For fifty years, Dan Graham has traced the symbiosis between architectural environments and their inhabitants. With a practice that encompasses curating, writing, performance, installation, video, photography and architecture, his analytical bent first came to attention with Homes for America (1966–67), a sequence of photos of suburban development in New Jersey, accompanied by a text charting the economics of land use and the obsolescence of architecture and further reading

Just poking around really, things passing our way that are worth passing your way, “finally Pleased to announce our new album “Silent Earthling” is out April 1st on Superball Music” say Three Trapped Tigers. “Listen to the title track/opener below. limited edition pre-order bundles and new tour dates (on sale 9am Friday) over at the band’s website, you just passed the link back there, here it is again;


And yes! DEBS 4 MAYOR!! – Seems Cecily (or Debs) wants to run for Mayor of London now, “Ok … if there was ever a time I ask for help its now. Just share the booty off this bad boy. We all know I am outspoken right… not sure if its more me, or my alter ego but I speak for equality.  Lets shake things up a bit shall we. Tax evasion? hmm. Housing crisis? really? As a single mum of four I have nothing to lose and everything to gain and a bit of controversy …. well…….”  Do please have a read though, she’s an artist with some serious points in their with all her pegs and her chaos (you might have caught her at our Reveal show recently alongside Megan Pickering and bag load of cross-pollinating artists), Debs has an alter ego, but just Who is Cecily Baker?

Who is Cecily Baker?

Who is Cecily Baker?

Now this is good, don’t ask us who they are, Nachthexen, from Sheffield apparently, all down to someone posting something on their Facebook timeline (thanks Megan Pickering) and pricking curiosity, (and as Webcore always said, curiosity never killed the cat). Will anyone re-blog it? No need for words from us, here’s the music and the attitude that comes with it…


And we see Nachthexen are playing London on March 12th, part of a rather good looking bill , good looking flyer/poster art as well, the gig is happening at the rather intriguing DIY Space for London (96-108 Ormside Street, London, SE15 1TF), here’s the Facebook event page for the Nachthexen gig at DIY space, and down there underneath the show poster are the links and things for those they’re sharing the bill with. Loads of huggy bears and blood sausages and how good it it to stumble on it revolving around again (and again), excellent. .


Personal Best are described as “super sweet powered pop and stomp along choruses”


Milk Crimes –  “catchy as flip queer pop punk melodies from Leeds finest”.


Dirty Girl –  “Snarly punk babes with super infectious hits”.

The Potentials – “Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed queer feminist punx”. .


More details via DIY Space, do note though, “this is a member’s club. Open to members and their guests only. Membership costs £2 and takes 48 hours to take effect. Join and pay at



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