ORGAN: 2016 Brick Lane Art Car boot date announced, last weekend of the Resonance FM fundraiser

The 2016 Art Car boot Fair date has been announced, The event is always a highlight of the art year, a day when art lets his or her hair down and engages in an East London car park. The date for the 2016 fair has been up on the official website for a few weeks now, however it has now been officially announced by the organisers that they will “be presenting the annual London Art Car Boot Fair on Sunday June 12 once again in the Brick Lane Yard car park. We’re also going to hold another Art car Boot Fair event in collaboration with the Jerwood Gallery in Hasting in mid-July. More details coming soon”.



The Art Car Boot fair is something we always look forward to, always good to take part in with our Cultivate heads on, always good to just go to and enjoy…


Meanwhile, we need arts radio stations, can I politely remind you that the Resonance 104.4fm fund raising on-line auctions go on until the end of the weekend, well until Monday in terms of the auctions and the paintings and such donated to the more than worthy cause…. More via my blog or via the links in the comments bit… someone just outbid us on that Frantz album… A full list of the treasure you can still grab before it all ends, use the arrows at the bottom of the page to reveal more…


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