ORGAN THING: Mutiny, Love, Swoon, Borondo, reflections, toys and….



Bring on the dancing horses and pass that can of Montana, nothing ever lasts forever and street art certainly isn’t meant to be a permanent thing, a living breathing ever evolving set of layers is what it is, growth on growth to not quote Ian McCulloch. It is disappointing when something that makes you smile like that Swoon piece that survived for five or so years on an East London street finally gets tagged or Roa’s Rabbit on the Hackney Road starts to seriously decay and the bits of paint fall off, and that upside Borondo face that reflected so well on the water and always made us smile. There’s some crude half-arsed tagging going on around east London at the moment, the decent writers know better, the decent writers know how to share wall and respect space and the creativity of others. Rather like Mutiny’s new piece and her homage to the Borondo piece that was there….

Muting - "love"!

Mutiny – “love”!


“Painted a new piece last week” said Mutiny, “taking back a space originally painted by Borondo‬, an amazing upside down face, which reflected in the canal. Sadly and crudely tagged over, I decided to create an homage with this”


.Ashes to ashes, funk to….

That East London Swoon piece, and some toy who.. ah well nothing lasts forever (as McCulloch one sang)



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