ORGAN THING: The Nature Of It All, street Artists This One and Frankie Strand combine…

Meanwhile in a rather fancy looking skateboard shop (way too fancy looking if you ask us, when was gentrified skateboarding?) on the Hackney Road (on the borders of Hoxton) in just over a month’s time (just before our thing in a tailor’s shop on the Hackney Road – Harvey and Worrall at Wall and Jones if you must know, we’ll tell you more about it later, trumpets must be blown, art shows in shops are the thing on the month…), street artists This One and Frankie Strand have a show called The Nature Of It….

This One / Frankie Strand

This One / Frankie Strand

Frankie Strand and This One present a collection of their artworks, produced both individually and collaboratively across a range of skateboard decks, displayed in the gallery space of Parlour Skate Shop.

After meeting at a Bethnal Green paint jam, the two began collaborating together, and found each’s work complimented and encouraged the other’s. Frankie’s work explores the beauty, colour and pattern within natural and medical history; This One’s artwork heavily influenced by tattoo art, with a background in graffiti. Working together on walls, they often improvise designs on the spot, inspired by the space in front of them.

This exhibition brings together the two styles and presents their most fine tuned artworks to date. Combining their mutual inspirations, taken from nature, conflict and the macabre and presenting them across a range of skateboard decks, this exhibition presents a collection of work created by two good friends with an unwavering passion for painting.

Parlour Skate Store can be found at 59 Hackney Road, London, E2 7NX


This One was of course last seen being very black and white as part of Debaser, last month’s Cultivate group show over at BSMT Space, the last time we bumped in to Frankie she was stranded up a ladder, both of the artists are at their best on a big wall outside, we look forward to seeing what the two of them do on a collection of skateboard decks….

Debaser @BSMT Space, March 2016,

Debaser @BSMT Space, March 2016

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