ORGAN THING: Stik doing things, Saint Agnes doing things…

Organ Thing Of The Day? We’re in a rush today, a right 2112 of a day, places to be, things to paint, moving pictures, making the rounds in a telephone booth… a quick parish notice or two for today, Stik doing things, Saint Agnes doing things….

“It was only because of Homerton, St. Mungo’s hostel and Mind that I am here today. So I feel it is my responsibility to preserve these organisations, so that other people can come up from the street.”


Stik, the once-homeless graffiti artist, whose stick-like figures adorn the streets of East London and beyond, has announced that a full set of his NHS Sleeping Baby print is to be auctioned at Christie’s later this month.

The prints, expected to sell for £2,000 to £3,000 as a set of four, will raise money for the Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Art Charitable Fund.

This is not the first time Stik has… further reading via the pages of Hackney Citizen

Meanwhile the rather excellent Saint Agnes have a new single out this summer, June 17th is the official release date

Pre-order ‘Sister Electric’ here


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