ORGAN THING: Last Days of Camden? Accepted Rebellion? A new gallery celebrated…

Accepted Rebellion, opening night, June 2016

Accepted Rebellion, opening night, June 2016

Last days of where? We’re most definitely in Camden tonight, never a hot bed in terms of art, the glory days of the fractured London suburb are long gone with the Falcon, the proper Monarch and the days before Brit Pop when the Lurch was the thing and Headcleaner jousted with the Homage Freaks, Swervedriver, Mint 400 and the cool of Gallon Drunk.  Tacky tattoos and even tackier mass-produced bootleg t-shirts are the order of the day now, that and the dubious looking food that’s pushed under your nose from every side as you run the gauntlet of the noodle-pushers.  Besides the occasional take over of a squatted space for a spontaneous show, can’t recall much in terms of art in Camden in recent times save for an occasional piece of impressive street art in the wreckage of the old markets and the not so exciting bits of paint on falling walls. I try not to go to Camden these days unless I really really have to…

Accepted Rebellion, opening night, June 2016 - Carrie Reichardt

Accepted Rebellion, opening night, June 2016 – Carrie Reichardt

Guess it was inevitable that someone should eventually open an art gallery in the evolving Stables Market, seems an obvious thing to do really and so last night Camden called and the opening of a new gallery space called Accepted Rebellion was celebrated. I don’t know, is that gallery name?  A clever play on words and a carefully considered name considering the place and the space? A smart piece of juxtaposition and some underhand commentary in the middle of all the Hot Topic taking of and selling back of culture smack bang in the middle of Camden? Or is it simple a gawdawful name for a street art flavoured gallery?  It is a great space, a place alive with potential and being right here in the middle of everything that Camden now is could well be a very exciting space.

Accepted Rebellion, opening night, June 2016 - Pam Glew

Accepted Rebellion, opening night, June 2016 – Pam Glew

Accepted Rebellion (brought to you by the people from Westbank Gallery over on the other side of town) appears, on first taste, to be a gallery pretty much doing what it says on the tin, the unashamed commercial face of urban street art or pop art or graphic design or some kind of amalgamation of the three. If you want to be cynical then yes, you can play the street art bingo game in here, get your card out, tick them off, there the Star Wars one, there’s pop art image of Kate Moss, there’s a Marilyn, another Amy Winehouse and there’s yet another Bowie, and there’s a skull and there’s a very graphic stiletto, there’s the bit of op art, most of it does seem a little tame, a little obvious, a tad safe.  Carrie Reichardt’s china plates stand out, of course they so and the now very familiar style of Carne Griffiths is enjoying the attention it always enjoys, there’s a neat bit of old school Inkie graff on the wall outside, there’s an impressive piece of Pam Glew goodness hanging over there, she always stands out….

Accepted Rebellion, opening night, June 2016

Accepted Rebellion, opening night, June 2016

A new gallery space is always something to celebrate, the guest list is long, the hip-hop and the Champagne are both flowing, the neon sign looks good as the sun goes down, the people pour in, artists hanging out as the film crews lurk, Accepted Rebellion has opened in style, a good time is had, ow let’s see what they do with this good looking space.  Will an urban art flavoured gallery smack bang in the middle of Camden market play it safe or will it challenge? Will it be as obvious as urban art so often is or will it be as genuinely exciting as it could potentially be here in the middle of it all? We await… (SW)

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