ORGAN THING: Twenty artists on the brink at the Leytonstone Art Trail this coming weekend….


“On The Brink is an exhibition in the woods of the Wanstead Quaker Meeting House. 3D artists show their far-ranging versions of life on the edge through different forms, materials and ideas. Challenge your senses. Come walk, look and talk”.
Silvia Krupinska: Bramble Hoop in Walthamstow Wetlands 2015 - Silvia Krupinska

Silvia Krupinska: Bramble Hoop in Walthamstow Wetlands 2015 – Silvia Krupinska

On The Brink happens at Wanstead Quaker Meeting House, Bush Rd, London E11 3AU

Twenty artists will be exhibiting installations and sculptures as part of this exhibition. Their skills have been applied to the topic of On the Brink. The results are wide ranging, vital and topical. Ecology, life in the office, housing, witches, insects, organic sculpture, refugees, a bed that has been made so someone must lie in it … Just a few of the stunning pieces in the woods. Go to the indoor exhibition, Art in the Making, by Quaker artists and Friends, then come down to find the sinister and fun.

Oh, you can spot the leaf if you look hard, see the all seeing-eyes and count how many other little things are hanging around for your entertainment.

Participating Artists:  Martin Adams / Brett Banks / James Blackburn / Kath Cottee / Siobhan Davies / [dis]tinct project by children of Jenny Hammond Primary School / Jo Goddard / Kevin Hope / Sira Cornejo Sz Ibarra / Joanna Jagiello / John King / Mary Knight / Silvia Krupinska / Julia Maddison / Klaus Pinter / Helen Porter / Neba Sere / Sandie Sutton / Tracy Ward / Sean Worrall

 Mary Knight

Mary Knight

The event, part of the 2016 Laytonstone Arts Trail, will be open on Saturday 2nd and Saturday 9th July from 12 noon to 5 p.m. and Sunday 3rd and Sunday 10th July from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.Entry is free.


“This exhibition features 20 artists with a wide range of installations and sculptures explaining their versions of life on the edge. You will find something to love and something to talk about as you walk around the woods at the bottom of the Meeting House garden. From the fun to the sinister, you will find it here. Free light refreshments too. (The Quakers are also holding a show indoors, called Art in the Making. Events and pictures to look at. What a great afternoon everyone will have)”.

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