ORGAN PREVIEW: Mushrooms? Mushroom soup? Mushroom soup cans? Christiaan Nagel pops up in East London tonight…


Mushrooms? Mushroom soup? Mushroom soup cans? A quick parish notice and word of “mushroom goodness coming to you in Shoreditch.  For the second year running, street artist Christiaan Nagel in collaboration with 1963 gallery space are launching the audacious Mushroom Shop on Thursday 8th December from 6pm. Ten exclusive days of mushroom madness”.

“The Mushroom Shop will be an unusual and tactile pop-up, giving a personal and close-up view of his often unreachable mushrooms. There will be great new mushroom paraphernalia, all mushroom factory produced in mediums never seen before. Showcasing will be the new squidgy mushroom and limited edition value cans. It will be a tantalising night open to all! The young and old, normal and strange”. so says 1963galleryspace


You are all invited to the opening on the 8th of December from 6pm. (bring your own drinks). The shop will run from:
8th – 11th / 12 to 8pm and then 13th -18th / 12 to 8pm at 24 Bateman’s Row, London, EC2A 3A

Christiaan Nagel




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