ORGAN THING: Five Monday morning slices of music – PoiL, Xiu Xiu, Nine Of Swords, Cranky Yellow, Kill Your Boyfriend, Olivier Alary vs William Craig…

Five more, Monday Monday, another five slices of music that have passed this way during the last week, five things worth a moment of two of your busy Monday morning time, five slice just because this is what we do on a Monday now, until we don’t than we won’t, for now we do, never seek permission….


1: PoiL – The ever essential French outfit are busy bending the edges once again, the deliciously challenging French band just posted a new video, no sign of any new music but these new visuals are a treat and that Organ Thing of The Day from a couple of weeks back was rather brilliant –ORGAN THING: PinioL, the lustful and strapping meeting of the seven musicians from PoiL and Ni… Here’s the new video and the most recent album is just down there via Bandcamp…

We’ve gone on about PoiL quite a bit via these pages (and via other airwaves) over the last couple of years, here’s what they have to say forthemselves –  “A Lyon-based combo POIL were formed as an experimental rock trio by the frontman Antoine ARNERA (keyboards, vocals), Boris CASSONE (bass/guitar, vocals), and Guilhelm MEIER (drums, vocals) in 2006. Without any limitations, prohibitions, nor traditions, they’ve combined raw madness and virtuosity evoking thoughts of avantgarde-progressive basis like Frank ZAPPA, classic essence like Frederic CHOPIN or Igor STRAVINSKY, and theatrical approaches like Charlie CHAPLIN, according to the band”. Never mind the words, the music is right there…. “Smashing it” as they say in street art circles…



#43ArtDrop, December 2016, part 4/43 (sw)

#43ArtDrop, December 2016, part 4/43 (sw)

2: XIU XIU – The strangely named, strangely good Xiu Xiu have just posted a new song Wondering, a track from the forthcoming album Forget, here comes the blurb “FORGET was recorded during a period of epic productivity for Xiu Xiu. While writing FORGET, they released the lauded Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, collaborated with Mitski on a song for an upcoming John Cameron Mitchell film, composed music for art installations by Danh Vo, recorded an album with Merzbow and scored an experimental reworking of the Mozart opera, The Magic Flute. All of this frantic, external activity lead to a softly damaged dreaminess and broadened intent that has not been heard before in other Xiu Xiu works. Fragile releases February 24, 2017.


The album was produced by John Congleton (Blondie, Sigur Ros), Greg Saunier of Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu’s own Angela Seo. It features guest appearances by fabled minimalist composer Charlemagne Palestine, LA Banjee Ball superstar commentator Enyce Smith, Swans guitar virtuoso Kristof Hahn and legendary drag artist and personal hero of Xiu Xiu, Vaginal Davis. Standout track, “Wondering” is one of the catchiest boogie pop gems in the Xiu Xiu catalog, but like much of FORGET, it still bears an underlying tension that manifests differently in each piece. From the haunted guitar duet of “Petite”, the hilariously fraught lyrics of “Get Up,” the advanced industrial boxing match of “Jenny GoGo,” or the experimental goth explosion of “Faith, Torn Apart,” all the songs in their own way build to a roiling boil of a fate in vanishing.  The calligraphy on the cover translates literally to “we forget.” It bows to the universality of everything and everyone’s inevitable decline and foggy disappearance. Regarding the album title, Xiu Xiu singer Jamie Stewart said, “To forget uncontrollably embraces the duality of human frailty. It is a rebirth in blanked out renewal but it also drowns and mutilates our attempt to hold on to what is dear.” FORGET is both the palliative fade out of a traumatic past but also the trampling pain of a beautiful one’s decay.

East London, December 2016

ROA – East London, December 2016

3:  NINE OF SWORDS – New York hardcore punk rock or something like that  “there’s more to life than being thin and American. if i want to I’ll stock up on snacks, share none with you. if you find me disgusting, some kind of mistake, then wouldn’t you say its time i got my own space? there is a moat around my heart and you’re not amphibious. my career is my choice it isn’t any of your business”.


And seeing as we’re here and we know you love Fleetwood Mac far more than we do, here’s what Nine of Swords were doing back in 2014…

#43ArtDrop December 2016 - part 5/43 (sw)

#43ArtDrop December 2016 – part 5/43 (sw)


4: CRANKY YELLOW – Blah – The third single from Cranky Yellow’s upcoming album Am The Death. Don’t have a clue about who or what Crancky Yellow is, they/he/lt operate over in Saint Louis, are they a band? An arts collective? A multi tentacled art craft pop music kitsch kind of outlet for “creative extropy”, Don’t ask us, blah is probably the correct answer…. 


4: KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND – “Kill Your Boyfriend, a dark-minded duo from Italy, debut a track from their upcoming EP, Ghosts. Matteo Scarpa and Antonio Angeli have been making sinister electronic music since 2011, including their The King is Dead LP, released last year. Ghosts is the follow-up, and “Man 4” serves as an introduction to the pair’s mysterious, downcast stylings. Ghosts is due out December 9 on Shyrec Records”.


5: OLIVIER ALARY vs WILLIAM CRAIG – Fifth slice of Monday morning music this week is an Ian William Craig remix of Olivier Alary’s ‘Nollywood’, a track from the forthcoming digital single ‘Remixes’ by Olivier Alary / Ian William Craig, available in the new year via Fat Cat’s 130701.label…


“Prior to the release of Olivier Alary’s debut album ‘Fiction / Non-Fiction’, 130701 records will present the joint single ‘Remixes’, on which Ian William Craig and Olivier Alary remix one another with spectacular results. William Craig reworks Olivier’s ‘Nollywood’ into a distorted masterpiece,…”

And that will hopefully do you for this Monday, the lazy cutting and pasting is done, on with the day and the carefully dropping and actually that was six. No one’s counting though are they? Five?Six? You’ll thanks is the end….

#43ArtDrop, December 2016 - Part 6/43 (sw)

#43ArtDrop, December 2016 – Part 6/43 (sw)


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