ORGAN THING: Let’s get going! Contrapolis, Shitwife, Elements Gallery, Arrows of Love, Bleakender, Claw Marks, Shacklewell Arms, music, art, bring it on!

Where were we? Time to get our various heads on and kick start this new year? Rage Hard? Shame shit different number?  Underculture? Bleakender? Brave the Elements? Bring it on…

 Elements Gallery, an outdoor London gallery in a back yard (slightly hidden) around the back of  the Angus Hughes gallery behind a big black gate at 26 Lower Clapton Road (at the junction of Urswick Rd), Hackney, London, E5 0PD. Elements is an outdoor space curated by Rebecca Feiner, she says or they say or someone says they are “delighted to bring illumination to your winter night with Contrapolis”.  Contrapolis appears to be an art show by multi media artist Xuan Sinden. “For one night only Xuan brings us his sonic & video intervention utilising glass and projection in unexpected ways, reflecting the rhythms and images of urban life inspired by the east London environs.

“Contrapolis was first seen on the site formerly used by Turner Prize winning Assemble Collective ‘Folly For A Flyover’, apparently featuring  Adrian Burnham (although the information is rather vague) “an everyday documentary quality…other times.. mesmeric abstract patterning effects – different perspectives and perceptions …. jostling for the viewers’ attention, as does the city itself”. Camera, Editing & Music Composition by Xuan Sinden. Special thanks to artist Follie Gioir & Chom Sun Sake for embracing their inner Marcel Duchamp, for this art intervention by fellow artist Xuan Sinden” All a bit vague, but hey, go be curious, it happens on 13th January between 6pm and 9pm.


#43ArtDrop, December 2016, part 4/43 (sw)

Is that it? Just a list? Nothing to actually say? Just a half-arsed list? Turns out opinions aren’t really like bumholes and not everyone has one, especially when it comes to the self-appointed London art media, nice hat though, you do wear your hart well. Nothing but a list of the best art press releases for your end of year round up? we assume you didn’t actually go, you did say you couldn’t be bothered with actually going to shows.


Do like the idea that Night Terrors have “arranged a 3-day weekender featuring all of our favourite/grossest/weirdest/most intense bands to christen off the new year in the bleakest way possible. Start as you mean to go on. We have a great combination of our old favourites and brand new projects to keep things interesting”

Right now the Night Terrors crew are keeping the running order and details of who is playing on which night to themselves – brilliant!  We’d love to think this was deliberate and that they weren’t ever going to announce the times or the days – all these great bands are playing for free sometime over the weekend but we’re not going to tell you who’s playing on which day, just turn up and take pot luck, gawddamnit, what day are Arrows Of Love playing!? Will they stick to their guns and not tell anyone (or are they just disorganised and this is all accidental?)    .

“All of the weekend will be entirely FREE ENTRY throughout”

Ah no, they bottled it, they announced the running order, what a cop out, well okay, no, it isn’t a cop out, tey never said they weren’t going to, did like the idea though.

Here’s what the Night Terror team have to say –  “If you’re just about starting to feel normal again after last weekend/year; don’t worry we got you covered. In 2 days you can get weird AF again. Here’s the schedule. We highly recommend getting down early each day to support all the artists as they are all awesome”

All happens between 5th and 7th January at The Shacklewell Arms, 71 Shacklewell Lane, London, E8 (Facebook event page)

THURSDAY 5th Jan –  1900 Doors, 1930 Revenue, 2015 Fex Urbis, 2100 Girls In Synthesis, 2145 Claw Marks

FRIDAY 6th Jan – 1930 Doors, 2000 Hi-Vis, 2045 M!R!M, 2130 Arrows Of Love

SATURDAY 7th Jan – 1930 Doors, 2000 ShitWife, 2045 Dogfeet, 2130 Sly & The Family Drone





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