ORGAN THING: Fith, a band alive with cinematic imagery, storytelling and spiritual frenzy, have a new video…


ORGAN THING OF THE DAY? Fith (and not Fifth or filth or any other kind of typo we can come up with here) have just made a rather beautiful video (with film maker Grégoire Couvert) to accompany a rather recent piece of compelling music called OYA.  Both the track and the video do all the talking for themselves, you really don’t need us to add too here much about the band who were “initially a duo project formed in Berlin, Fith have since multiplied and spread out to become a Manchester/Berlin group of musicians and poets, including Dice Miller, Enir Da, Rachel Margetts, Chrls Lamouroux, & Lianne Hall. They are driven by the spell of the spoken word, minimal percussive refrains, washed out in oneiric textures & deep melodic synths, combining cinematic imagery, storytelling and spiritual frenzy”.

Here then is the new video


FITH are affiliated with the newly founded co-operative – Wanda – a musical & literary portal that releases albums and pamphlets. Spread across Berlin/Manchester, Wanda are a group of writers & musicians who forge constellations in between cinematic, literary & sonic spheres.


And here, for your further exploration, are a bag load of links



“WANDA is a new  literary & musical co-operative,a portal that spirals across the cinematic, sonic, & literary spheres…” (Organ is about opening portals and putting up signposts, pointing you towards these things….) .


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