ORGAN PREVIEW: William D.Drake, he of Sea Nymphs and Cardiacs family, takes his 16th century style harpsichord to Sutton House in Hackney this weekend…

William D. Drake takes his “16th century style harpsichord” to Sutton House in Hackney this weekend for two rather special performances…

william d drake

William D Drake


“The first in a new series of contemporary music and performance events, held at Sutton House, Hackney’s oldest house, launches with a two night residency (Saturday 4th Feb & Sunday 5th Feb) from William D Drake.

Cardiacs keyboard player, band leader and one third of The Sea Nymphs, William D. Drake has made new ‘early music’ arrangements of his oeuvre for the event, including material from The Sea Nymph’s acclaimed second album. Playing a 16th century style harpsichord, he will be joined by James Larcombe on hurdy-gurdy and Nicola Baigent on clarinet and bass crumhorn. James Larcombe will also open both nights with a solo set on melodeon.

Whilst there are two opportunities to see this performance only a small number of seats are available each night due to the nature of the venue.  The series is curated by I-D.A PROJECTS and supported by care in the community recordings”.

Sutton House is to be found at 2 Homerton High Street, London, E9



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