ORGAN THING: Brixton Dykes on the rampage…

Organ Thing of the Day:  A quick parish notice, just throwing up some signposts and some links here, a slice of underculture or counerculture or some kind of positive culture…


“As part of the Rebel Dykes Fundraising events we are working with Queer Tours of London to bring you, Brixton Dykes on the Rampage.  You are invited to join our walk, tell your stories, listen to ours. We are inviting you to be part of the Fundraising vanguard for our unique DIY lesbian/queer documentary re-telling stories from the 1980s, and creating links with the lesbians/queer activists of today”.

It happens on the 18th March, 10am…

“Brixton has always been a seething centre of queer and black activism. We will walk in footsteps of a bunch of Rebel Dykes who lived in squats around Brixton during the 1980s, creating dyke DIY spaces, zines and parties, whilst being active in numerous campaigns Meet up outside Ritzy cinema, and walk with us through the back streets back into the past, to learn about our present.  Pay as you feel. Limited spaces so book a ticket ASAP”

The Facebook event pages will tell you more –  Facebook event page for the morning walk.  There’s another walking tour in the afternoon at 2pm.

“On the evening of Sunday 19th March we are hosting a Rebel Dyke presentation and discussion, followed by a Drag Kings, Queens and INbetweens Festival to celebrate the legacy of Rebel Dykes and our community at large. Watch this space!”







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