ORGAN THING: avant-pop solo bass artist Howie Reeve is preparing to release his not so secret garden…


Howie Reeve is an acoustic avant-pop solo bass artist from Glasgow.he’s currently prepering to release his fourth album….

“Not So Secret Garden will be my fourth solo album” says Howie Reeve,  “and I’m really happy with it. I think it’s my most fully realised work to date. It includes a small host of collaborators, including folk singer Alasdair Roberts and piano savant Matthew Bourne (who actually plays cello as his contribution!) Singers Debbie Armour and Amanda Nizic, pianist Adam Stearns, guitarist Steven Cossar, violinist Yvonna Magda and kora player Will Newsome also add their invaluable input…”

Howie is currently crowdfunding to get his new album out there, the full details are here.

“Howie Reeve is one of the most refreshing talents I’ve had the honor of coming across in years. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear Howie’s upcoming album (his 4th!) “Not So Secret Garden” and it is wonderful. The cover art is by Lindsey Carr. The album will be released by Red Wig and Mon Cul in late Spring, but Howie is covering a portion of the manufacturing costs himself – as well as funding his own tours. He’s set up a kickstarter and you can check it out here” so said Mark Fischer, he of the ever excellent Skin Graft Records .

Here’s a previous taste of Howie’s recent output, Howie Reeve has regularly feature on via the airwaves and pages over the years with his solo work and before that with Sedgwick and such…


Howie adds “The beautiful album cover (as seen up there at the top of the page) is by Lindsey Carr and grew out of conversations we had about pro-actively negotiating the world we live in and wanting things to be (realistically) better for people. Lindsey is recently returned from Dunkirk Refugee Camp, and this is definitely one of the factors that informs the album cover image”.

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