ORGAN PREVIEW: Dalston Ballet Company, Joy and Dissent, Festival of Cultural Activism…

We’ve been busy this week, juggling bands and artists, lining up venues, listening to new music, we never said we were committed to this born again re-booted version of Organ full time, we’re only really back here because so much goes uncovered. We’ll be back later tonight, we’ll be back with more art and more music and an announcement or two about some events we’re lining up ourselves, meanwhile, the ballet….
A quick parish notice for the always excellent Dalston Ballet Company and Joy & Dissent: Festival of Cultural Activism
Dalston Ballet presents recent work at the Hackney Showroom on Friday 7th April  An evening of short works by a variety of Artists with dance, live art, performance and more including Dalston Ballet, making the disciplines cross.  What does joyousness look like as a political performance strategy? Can joy or beauty be radical forms of protest? Or should resistance by its very nature be painful?  “Come and MEGA-LOL in the face of adversity or simply sob-chuckle into your laps. Let us bask in the light, plight and darkness of these incredible artists as they attempt to illuminate and embolden us”.

Dalston Ballet Co at Ritter-Zamet gallery (2015)

Curated by Hackney Showroom Artistic Director Sam Curtis Lindsay and Associate Artist Malik Nashad Sharpe (MA SH), Joy & Dissent is an exuberant festival of live performance across dance, comedy, drag, spoken word, live art, physical theatre & workshops.


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