ORGAN THING: Your five recommended slices of fresh music, Gnoomes, Great Ytene, Steve Adey, Yasushi Yoshida and Kill Alters, Ed Wood Jr….

Fractured times and more music and turning whisky into words of some kind. Certainly not journalism or any notions of doing things “properly” and we’re certainly not here as part of your marketing strategy or here to help you keep your clients happy, we’re here to share good music, good art, the underculture that flows.  Whisky into journalism to borrow something from somewhere, not journalism, nothing like journalism, just hey, there’s this thing that’s well worth checking out, you find it over there, go have a look or a listen or go read about a hippopotamus or whatever he man with the whisky was writing about.


Oran, 1980’s style….




1: GNOOMES – “The self-proclaimed ‘stargaze’ trio, who hail from the Russian city of Perm, play their first show in London since the recent release of ‘Tschak!’, their second album for Rocket Recordings, which sees them expand their sound to take in torrents of guitar noise and electronic extrapolations both blissfully kosmiche and aggressively abrasive”, you can catch their upward looking beauty at the Brewhouse here in Hackney – The Brewhouse, 370 Helmsley Place, London, E8 3SB on Monday June 12th. Facebook event page



2: GREAT YTENE –  Support at the Brewhouse on June 12th comes from the rather impressively warm Great Ytene, a London-based four-piece who, according to Promoters of the show, Sonic Catherdral, “released their second album ‘Locus’ via Faux Discx in February. It saw them exploring darker, post-punk territory than the more free-ranging psychedelia of their self-titled debut”.




3; ED WOOD Jr are a duo from Lille, France, “duo.guitar.drums.keys.loops, electronic, electric, melodic, géométric, they’ve feature on these pages before, they have a new album on the way, here’s a taste of what they do… “Medellin”, extrait de l’album THE HOME ELECTRICAL, sorti le 21 Avril (Tourne Disque, Black Basset records, Araki, Who’s Brain////


5: STEVE ADEY has a new album, Do Me A Kindness, on the way at the start of August via Grand Harmonium Records.  A raher beautiful first track, How Heavy The Day, has jsut been posted


5:  YOSHIDA & KILL ALTERS….  A collaboration



“Experimental vocalist / electronic musician Yasushi Yoshida aka Yassan was touring the U.S. with his band Bonanzas from Osaka Japan and made a stop in NYC. We played a show with them and invited Yasushi over to our rehearsal space the next day in Gowanus and got into a 40 min improvisational jam which we recorded. We had Hisham on the drums, Nicos triggering / effecting Hisham’s drums and Yasushi’s vox, Bonnie on the Electribes and Yasushi’s vox. This was recorded in one take with only a few minor edits to cut it down in length. No sounds were added post recording.” – Kill Alters



According to a spokesperson for the ever rewarding Deathbomb Arc label, “Yasushi Yoshida has been a part of the underground music scene in the Kansai area of Japan since the mid-nineties. Aside from Bonanzas Yoshida currently plays in a hybrid free jazz / techno group called DANTEFONE and has played in bands such as Spasmom, Suspiria, Nasca Car to name a few. We would describe this music as ‘mutant grime’.

Imagine a creature born with pelvic distortion inside of a black hole who is sent to earth to escape a dying planet infested by carnivorous machines made of cyanogenetic tar. This creature grows strong in the sewers of our planet, half alien flesh, half machine, feeding on nephrotoxic materials humans dump into the waterways. This recording is the sound of this creature and it’s voyage, it’s rituals, it’s battles with it’s enemies”.

The YASUSHI YOSHIDA & KILL ALTERS COLLABORATION is out now,  “nothing better than new release day at Deathbomb Arc! We’re insanely excited that today the Yasushi Yoshida & Kill Alters collaboration, entitled ‘Pelvic Floor Limited’, is officially out.  You can grab it for any price you want, including free, at the Deathbomb Arc bandcamp”

There you have it, five, do what you will with your recommedned five, we might do it again next week… maybe…..

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