ORGAN: It just seemed right to carry on as usual and broadcast live from London Bridge and Resonance last night…


London, Sunday evening, June 4th 2017

Trivial in the great scheme of things I know but it did feel right to do it last night and right to briefly mention it here today. I want to say it was important to do it last night, but no, just something that felt right.

Resonance FM is a London’s rather unique and rather special arts radio station that broadcasts about art, music and cultiure from all over the world, here at Organ we’ve been honoured to be associated with the station for over ten years now.  The  radio station broadcasts on FM all over London and world wide on-line, the station is based right in the middle of Borough High Street, just beyond London bridge, jsut south of the river and a very short walk from Borough market and all the cowardly horror of last weekend.  The radio station was closed for most of Sunday and we were told that all live broadcasting was understandably cancelled for the day becasue no one could physically get in to the station, Sunday live shows were suspended. including Marina’s weekly Sunday evening Other Rock Show.

Sometime during the late afternoon we got a message to say police cordon around the market had been moved back and although the plan was to carry on with pre-recorded shows for the rest of Sunday evening, if we really wanted to we could go in and open up the studio, it seemed important to go down to London Bridge last night and to do just that

Borough High St, London, Sunday evening, June 4th 2017

Borough High St, London, Sunday evening, June 4th 2017

We had previously said on these pages that London felt very quiet and peaceful yesterday, peaceful on a sunny Sunday morning and well, to repeat wahat was said on Suday mornin here, a tiny tiny brainwashed minority of idiots can’t stop everyday things happening. I’m not a Londoner but I’ve lived in this fine city for many many years alongside so many good people from all over the world, we live together we work and play together, we ride buses and trains we share and respect each other’s cultures, we laugh and cry together we look out for each other, we love all the colourful dress and the different languages and accents, we watch sport and listen to music and share art together, we enjoy the parks, the pubs, the cafes, the markets and the river together, we do all these things living next to each other and a very small small minority of losers won’t spoil any of that. So yes (to those who were asking) we’re okay, we’re sad to see some aren’t this morning, we can’t let hate breed more hate and divide this fine fine city and the good people who share it…

And so it just seemed right to get in there, go down to the stusio on Borough High street and rather than just let a repeat of a previously recorded show run, to go and broadcast live, to show respect to the victims and at the same time carry on doing what we do in this multi-cultural city .


Southbank, Thames, London, Sunday evening, June 4th 2017

London Bridge itself was still closed last night of course, we had to walk over the footbridge by St. Pauls to get over the river and then make our way along the usually packed South Bank.  Once we got to the Police tape on that side of river and Borough Market we had to work our way around the back of the market and past all the film crews and reporters and police officers. The South Bank was very quiet, London Bridge itself was silent, the red buses still standing quietly where they had stopped on the bridge on Saturday night.  People had left flowers as close to the scene as they could, bunches here and there, arms police officers watching everything but still nodding and politely saying hello.  Satellite dishes, broadcasters from America, Europe next to the BBC and ITV crews, reporters filming pieces to camera, a little bit of polite noise from the first Borough High Street pub beyond the Police tape, the usually full of life kareoke bar WAS just running the news on the big screens and serving coffee and tea to the police and reporters, more nods and smiles as we unlock te radio station gate and there we go, 9pm, on air, broadcasting live and playing music direct from Borough High Street and London Bridge. The quiet of London was powerful last night, the river without the traffic, the cars and buses, the river fely powerful alst night, defiant, magical.  It seemed right to make the effort to go down there and just do it, just play some music made by bands from London, from people from all over the globe, to have Huge Baby make their beautiful noise, to have The Raincoats sing, Cardiacs, Stars in Battlledress, Upsalon Acrux, actually it doesn’t really matter what was played last night, just that live music was broadcast from Borough and live from the studio of Resonance FM and that, with respect to those who lost their lives, that these losers can’t stop us doing these things we all do together in this wonderful multi colourful living breathing city of ours.

Resonance FM is back on air live today…  we love living and mixing and sharing with so many different people here in London, the streets will fill up again, we’ll share our space again, we might even smile at each other a little more than we did last week, art will flow, music will flow, people will eat ice cream and drink beer together, you can’t stop these things, you saw that last night in Manchester, you’ll see it in London this week. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those who lost their lives last Saturday evening, with Crissy and her family, with the others who’s names we don’t yet know, it seemed right to go down there to London Bridge and carry on last night, not important, just right.  (sw)



Borough High St, London, Sunday evening, June 4th 2017

Resonance FM, Borough High St, London, Sunday evening, June 4th 2017

Resonance FM, Borough High St, London, Sunday evening, June 4th 2017

London, Sunday evening, June 4th 2017

London, Sunday night, June 4th 2017

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