ORGAN THING: Marnie Scarlet is getting ready for Interact, an art show in East London…

Interact is just ten days away, the show opens on Thursday June 15th, Marnie Scarlet is getting ready, she’ll be performing on the opening night, “#AreWeAllEmoji work in Progress” so said Marnie..


Interact opens at 6pm on Thursday June 15th (6pm until 9pm) and then 11am to 6pm Friday 16th until Sunday 18th. You can find the show, just off the Hackney Road, by the Sebright Arms at Coate Studios, 37 Coate Street, Hackney, London, E2 9AG.

Interact opens on June 15th, explore a flavour or two of the artists taking part…

Interact is drawing closer, June is almost upon us, out with May!  Here’s an update in terms of the artists involved.  We’re rather excited by the artist, but then I can see all the art, you’ll have to wait until the opening to see it properly Expect performance on the opening night from Cultivate regulars…



Both Marne Scarlet and fellow performance artist Amy Kingsmill have been regulars at Cultivate events, both have been invited again. Here’s some thoughts and imagery from a previous Cultivate opening

Emma Harvey on the performances of Marnie Scarlet and Amy kingsmill at Debased

Last week both Amy Kingsmill and Marnie Scarlet took part in the opening night of a group show or contemporary painters, performers, street artists, print makers and more, a show called Debased, curated by Cultivate, over at BSMT Space (Dalston, London N16) Both Marnie and Amy has appeared and performed at a number of Cultivate…


CULTIVATE: Debased – Marnie Scarlet

And some previous Amy coverage ahead of Play in 2015….

ORGAN THING: Intriguing performance artist Amy Elizabeth Kingsmill will be “discarded” in London Fields this weekend.

Intriguing multi-sided London-based performance artist Amy Elizabeth Kingsmill will be “discarded” again this weekend. Amy Elizabeth will be a performing her “Discarded” piece on…


Amy Kingsmill

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