ORGAN THING: Billy Childish calls May a spineless shit and Trump a dipshit, Wildcat Will celebrates The Who….


A trio of new prints from two of our favourite print makers. First we have two new rather timely prints from Sir Billy Childish, “To celebrate Theresa May’s dereliction of duty in failing to condemn Donald Trump’s announcement to withdraw America from the Paris Climate Change agreement, we are happy to present this pair of posters for a pair of shits”.  Designed by Billy Childish and engineered at the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop (by underpaid adults), the limited edition prints are available here



Meanwhile, a new print from Wildcat Will – ‘My Mind is Going Round in Circles’ a new print available exclusively via Beautiful Crime

Wildcat Will’s most recent artwork revisits his signature psychedelic collage style, with pop culture references. The artist’s eclectic music background has heavily influenced his work, in this case paying homage to iconic British rock band The Who”

D_21794-RGB.tif 16


More recent Organ coverage of the Wildcat and such…

ORGAN THING: Street art on gallery walls, skateboards, wildcats and “smashing it” in East London…

A quick Thursday night walk around the block then, a quick stroll through the pollution and the ever-changing colours of the Hackney Road, past the various buildings closed down by the greed of the gentrifiers and off to an opening night of a gallery or two.  Last night was mostly about artists who, on the…



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