ORGAN THING: Miraculous Mule and some thought’s on tomorrow’s election…


Something one of the members of Miraculous Mule posted just now, something worth repeating, as is that video down there at the end of the page.. Watch that video and then do the right thing tomorrow…

“To our friends throughout the UK: Tomorrow’s election is one of the most crucial in many a year. Theresa May and her government have presided over crippling cuts to our public services, all but the rich are bearing the brunt as our schools, hospitals, police, social care and local infrastructure fail. They will try to tell you this is to bring down the deficit but the truth is it is still rising and have you ever noticed how our governments can always find money to bail out banks and go to war? These cuts are ideological and if the Tories gain a large enough majority come Friday morning they will consider it a mandate to keep on cutting.

This government doesn’t give a damn about you and your family, whether you die on an NHS waiting list or at the hand of psychopathic terrorist they couldn’t care less. If any of this is news to you then you really need to stop reading newspapers owned by billionaires whom it’s safe to say despise you.

After Saturday’s despicable attack on London we were disappointed to find our news feeds littered with comments such as “We’re really f***ed if Corbyn gets in!”,”he’s a clown!”, “he’s a c***!”, “he’s a terrorist sympathiser!”. I suggest the people expressing these views look up the responsibilities undertaken by the Home Secretary and then look up who held the office between 2010 and 2016. Then look up Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia and their links to ISIS and Theresa May’s recent trip to suck up to the Saudi regime. Then have a think about who the real c***/clown/terrorist sympathiser is.The headlines covering the front pages of the right wing press this morning are desperate. Don’t buy into the bullshit they are peddling, think for yourself. For the first time in decades you are being offered a real choice and the powers that be are running scared. Vote Labour”.


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