ORGAN THING: The arousing debut album from Lone Taxidermist, you’ll love it from the tips of your lashes to the end of your toes..



The debut Lone Taxidermist album Trifle is released on August 25th, there’s a launch gig in London at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch (more a music venue than a gallery but that’s for another day). The launch gig happens on Thursday 24th August, Knicker Elastic is the lead single from the debut album, the single and album are both released on Memetune Records.  Lone Taxidermist says Knicker Elastic is “what would happen if men were to mimic the mating rituals of birds? A tale of two flamboyant male birds, using fighting dance rituals to woo the knickers off a female, who isn’t really there”.

The album itself is ten playful slices (or maybe not so playful when you dig a little deeper beyond the cream and topping and find there’s a lot more underneath that not so playful surface). Triffle is ten slices of dark-edge glitch-seasoned “electricity, sex and dessert”, Triffle is disco dirt on your satin shoes, one part 80’s Batcave party-noir, one part joyfully uplifting slightly decadent hedonistic future pop and one part electro twist dark  dark  wandering through the streets when your friends have all left you behind and what a mess you have made of the late-night.  From her lashes to your toes things are beginning flow and yes, she is indeed some kind of  “modernised Lene Lovich or a more gleeful Diamanda Galás”, she might just be flashing back a little to that Slits angularity or to “Siouxsie Sioux’s  theatricality”. This is rather good, no, good isn’t good enough, this is rather exciting, rather thrilling, a little dirty, a touch seedy, arousing, this is very good (she has no shame).



There’s a lush glow to Trifle, a dark beauty to things like (the strangely named) Wizard Dribble that might catch you unaware when you think you just might have her worked out.  Shame takes on a Tom Tom Club meets Some Bizzare set of moody shapes as she throws the whole thing both backwards and forwards at the same time, this really is very good (an nowhere near as obvious as it first might have felt)

“Fresh from the twisted machinations and fertile imagination of Cumbrian-born, London-dwelling artist and seer Natalie Sharp, ‘Trifle’ is a gallery of the grotesque “surrounded by vintage analogue equipment and sci-fi paperbacks”. an album “not recommended for either the nervous of disposition or lactose intolerant”. A magpie spirit, a conceptual taste of Leigh Bowery daydreaming on the night bus – no, no one daydreams on the night bus, the night bus is where you watch everything flow past, the colour, the neon, the Minty people, the inviting darkness, what was that? Shall we get off at the next stop and see?

Move with your hips and the rest will follow? Lead with your hips? Read with your hips? Hips, lips…. “A feverish spectacle to behold”, (I’m busking it here while I paint stars, multi-tasking with a stolen word or two whall the layers build up, no one reads this stuff do they? Surely you just watch the videos and check out the Souncloud page these days, no one reads music reviews anymore?).

We found her in the darkness waiting for the reaper, laid out with the rubbish, could we have awoken her? It does get dark on that night bus  back to the East, back to nowhere? Getting nowhere? The 242, the 48? The closing track of ten, Nowhere, has an extra dark twist to it, a darker note to end on, a little more intense than most of it has been, a little more that the disco dirt on your satin shoes and the electronic glow from the the throbbing head of the moody blues? More AtoZ than I-Phone map, Nowhere drags you back in again, it demands you go back in again, you’re going to find your own way home later, go back in. Go back in, you’ll love it from the tips of your lashes to the end of your toes, to the stomp when the water’s cold or that time you found what you were looking for on the floor. This is rather good, no, good isn’t good enough, this is rather exciting, arousing, rather thrilling, a little dirty, a touch seedy, this is very very good. (sw)



A live taste from earlier this year…..



And one from 2013….



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