ORGAN THING: French high-wire maths manipulators Partout Partout playing live on a street at Festival Décibulles…


Partout Partout

An Organ Thing of The Day for today? A quick one, for today is a busy day, I explect there might bemore later, for now how about this impressive footage of Partout Partout that has just landed here in our bulging in-box , three live pieces from the French band captation Live au Festival Décibulles le 16 Juillet 2017. now that’s what we call street art. We’re told the band are currently looking to put together and European tour for early next year


“Tight loops, nervous drums and erratic structures fill in their large soundscape of wobbling noisy patterns and cartoonish heavy guitar riffs. Partout Partout is a dangerously easy-listening but hilariously loud experience with tons of sonic waves of naive creativity blended with spectacular skills, authenticity and lots, lots, lots of humour.  The video contains two featured tracks from their first EP “C o u c o u”, released on april 2017, as well as one new exclusive track “VEINE DE TIGRE”. It was shot at Décibulles festival, France July 16th 2017″





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