ORGAN: Five Art Things – Pins at YKK, Frea Buckler back at Jealous, Recreational Grounds V, Jason Martin at Lisson Gallery, Unfolding Nature at Streatham Space Project…

Five more art things then, five recommendations. Do we need an introduction? All very simple, five art things coming up or happening right now, same as we said last time, a born again regular (unless it all falls off the edge of a cliff again) almost certainly weekly, or something like weekly, a weekly round up of recommended art events, shows exhibitions and things we rather think might be worth checking out, dates for you diary and such. Mostly London for that’s where we currently operate and explore, and no claims that these are “the best five” or the “Top Five”, we’re not one of those art websites that ignore most things whilst claiming to be covering everything and proclaiming this or that to be the top thing or the best thing. this is just regular list a five or so art things we think you might find interesting…


Frea Buckler – Polychrome

1: Frea Buckler – Polychrome – a solo show at Jealous East, Geometric expressionism so they say, that feels right, Polychrome opens on Thursday 9th May. “The artist and two galleries explore subjective decision making” Is the exploring anything to do with the two galleries? Far me for me to ask such things, I like Frea’s art, don’t really need all the words, here they are should you feel you do. “Frea Buckler’s second London solo exhibition is the exciting outcome of a long-term artistic relationship between two galleries: Smithson Gallery and Jealous Gallery. Both strive to ensure a strong relationship between gallery and artist, sharing an open ambition to collaborate that is unique in the contemporary art market and poignant in the current environment. Both galleries celebrated their ten-year anniversary last year, their paths crossing continuously throughout. 2019 marks a new chapter for their relationship and the right time to co-curate an exhibition. Encapsulating the momentum of these two modern galleries, British female artist Frea Buckler’s second solo show establishes the perfect starting point to mark this thriving relationship.


Frea Buckler, Luminous – Smithson Gallery at Jealous, July 2017

In Polychrome, Frea Buckler employs the language of hard edged geometric abstraction as a means to explore colour interactions across her dynamic unique screenprints, editions and wall painting. In these collected works, Frea’s concerns shift from her previous interest in the pure formal abstraction of primary, interlocking and juxtaposed shapes to an interrogation of functional objects and the vernacular of architecture. Through a series of visual investigations into everyday, functional forms such as door wedges, domestic furniture and decorative architectural elements, she fluidly collapses definitions of interior and exterior spatiality. These new concerns in Frea’s practice are explored in her signature palette of flat, high key and luminescent colours. For Frea, colour decisions are made intuitively and remain at the heart of a working methodology that embraces chance and experimentation, despite the precision of the works’ execution. An instinctive approach to making the work is one of its defining features. Working freely and without compositional sketches, Frea embraces the challenges of responding spontaneously to the shapes and colours laid down on the works’ surface. Polychrome’s strength is in its capacity to demonstrate the undefined space in between intuitive expression and subjective decision making – it is a difficult space to inhabit but a truly exciting one” Really do want to see Frea in a big space, good on Jealous and Smithson for putting this one, really really need to see her work in a bigger space where it can really breathe. Coverage of Frea Buckler’s previous show at jealous –  ORGAN THING:  Frea Buckler and the noisy opening night of Luminous, her bold colours, her bright lines…

Private View: Thursday 9th May 2019 6.30-8.30pm
Exhibition run: 10th – 26th May 2019
Open Monday to Saturday 11am-7pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm
Location: Jealous, 53 Curtain Road, Shoreditch
Hosted & Curated By: Smithson Gallery x Jealous Gallery
Facebook event page


Jason Martin 

2: Jason Martin – Long Way Home at Lisson Gallery – opening night, Tuesday 14th May, 6pm until 8pm – Lisson Gallery say they are “pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Jason Martin. Following exhibitions in New York and Paris last year, Jason Martin continues his investigation into the fundamentals of oil painting, creating horizontally banded compositions of multiple shades, chromatic blends and subtle tonal shifts. This exhibition will be constructed around a trio of different colours divided across three rooms, working from variations on titanium white, Cobalt blue and a suite of works made using a new material for the artist: graphite. Join us for the Private View on Tuesday 14 May, 6-8pm at Lisson Gallery, 67 Lisson Street, London. For more information go here


Tom Sewell, Kinsgate Project Space, London, 2019

3: Recreational Grounds V – opening Night: Friday 17th May, 6-9pm – “The carpark site in Wendover House on the Aylesbury Estate, a post war brutalist building, has been closed to vehicles and is currently pending demolition. The space is a vast playground for intervention and this exhibition encourages ephemeral, analogue approaches to react to the inspiration and restrictions of the brief. The nature of temporary artwork in a public space demands creative approaches to making and installing and it is this challenge along with the unique space that inspire this proposal”. A group exhibition with Verity Birt, Peter Evans, Rosie Gibbens, Ralph Hunter-Menzies, Marco Miehling, Amanda Moström, Henrik Potter, Helena De Pulford, Nana Sawada, Tom Sewell, Michael Wall, Poppy Whatmore and Jim Woodall, a group of artists who have “coalesced to each create temporary artworks within an urban inter-space, confronting dualities of architecture and domesticity”. A show curated by Martin Mayorga and Vanessa Murrell Fin it all at Wendover House Ground Floor Car Park, Thurlow Street, London, SE17 2UD

opening Night: Friday 17th May, 6-9pm
Exhibition: 17th-19th May | Open 24h
Performances: Saturday 18th May
Helena de Pulford | 11am
Verity Birt & Tom Sewell | 12pm
Rosie Gibbens | 13pm
Curator’s Tour: Sunday 19th May
Vanessa Murrell & Martin Mayorga | 12pm
For more information –
Facebook event page



4: Unfolding Nature at Streatham Space Project, on now and with a late night “private view” opening night on Friday 10th May – Geraldine Molia, Mark Welland & Diana Burch say they are “delighted to invite you to the launch party of “Unfolding Nature”. The three artist show is curated by the artists, “Geraldine, Mark and Diana’s works reflect on the natural world in a variety of media, from the spontaneous to the highly manipulated processes. The exhibition questions human relationships with the environment, reflecting on growth, interactions, death and beyond, in a continuum of cycles that affect us all. Using photography, collage, paint and sculpture, the exhibition invites the viewers to rest their thoughts in the natural world and consider their role within it”.  Streatham Space Project is at Sternhold Avenue, London, SW2 4PA.
Facebook event page


PINS – Zippy Lippy

5: PINS – Zippy Lippy at YKK London Showroom – Opening tonight,Thursday 9th May and running until May 17th – “Join British artist PINS for an evening immersed in his Zippy Lippy installation at YKK London Showroom, addressing consumerism, mental health, and social media”

“London based artist PINS partners with YKK, for a site-specific PINStallation using zippers to connect theme and body. In a fast-paced, tech-driven world, PINS emphasises depth & connection in the hope to affect positive social change, in a somewhat superficial world. In his latest installation at the YKK London Showroom, PINS explores the theme of mental health through fine art, underpinning the notion that we need to wake up and become ‘unzipped’ to wider issues and societal concerns. Through his work & philosophy, PINS delves into the notions of mass-consumerism and the status of image through diverse motifs and social commentary in a truly unique way. He combines tongue-in-cheek humour, guilty pleasures and contemporary themes, obsessions and addictions”.. Times and dates: 9th May > 6pm-8.30pm. Then open until 17th May, 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri (closed weekends). YKK is at 154 Commercial Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6NU


PINS – Zippy Lippy

And while we’re here….



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