ORGAN THING: She works, they work, we work, this is awkwardly good, Detroit’s Throwaway have a hardboiled debut album you really do need in your life…


THROWAWAY – “What” – Art, how low can you go,hear the cutter cry, death row, or was it the angst or the exotic bird or the raise-your-glass-and-toast-the-war that she said was on her mind? There’s so much that you don’t know or so she says, this is hardcore. Last time we told you about something from Jake he got all legal on us with a cease and desist order or some kind of music industry bulpoop like that, haven’t bothered much with Jake since that day. never had much time for music industry types, this needs to be bothered with though, we do like to bother especially when two lefts make a right.Who or what is this? Peck peck peck, trousers likes this, Trousers is a very fine Hackney pigeon, I’ll have a look at who the band is in a moment, some random band from randomville, one of the millions of bands that people like Jake fire at us via our in-box every bleedin’ day of the bleedin’ week. Most of the time Jake and the rest of ’em are wasting everyone’s bleedin’ time with some band or other who don’t have the guts to not sound like all the other bands that eveyone has heard far too many time already. Around here we like the bands who don’t sound like all the others, and whoever this is we like it, Trousers likes it, Trousers is a pigeon with a lot of attitude, he likes Throwaway, we’ve had a look at who the bands was now, they’re called Throwaway, Throwaway are from Detroit and like she said, this really is hardcore. This is good, we rather like the way they fall down the stairs in a different way to the other bands who dare to fall down stairs. I’ve listen to hundreds of bands in the last few days in an attempt to clear the crap from the in-box, bands who tell us they’re not so much influenced by Future of The Left now they’ve got a bit more into Radiohead and such, we like to think we wade through the Radiohead wannabees buzzing around so you don’t have to do so, this is all part of the caring service we’ve provided here at Organ for way too many years, hell, we can remember the days when Radiohead sent us demos wanting attention and name dropping their love of Marillion and Pink Floyd, it comes around, it takes a lot to impress us cynical pigeon-feeders these days. This debut Throwaway album is awkwardly impressive, this is hardcore hardboiled uncomfortable goodness/ .Apparently she doesn’t give a fug (or some other word that starts with the letter f), she doesn’t give a fig about what we think, she yelled something about a state of mind or something? This works, this works, this works! I work, she works, wonder what her name is, her band are called Throwaway, did we tell you who the band was already? I was close to knocking all this on the head again today, this damn Organ thing I mean, what a waste of no fun and there’s so much there you don’t know, and who needs it? This is hardcore, this is hardboiled, this is difficult listening, this is awkwardly good, she says she could kick you in places you never knew you had, she don’t need any help from us, she knows the score, let me quote the press release on the other side of this photo of a cat….


– “Mixed media / rock band Throwaway are set to release an explosive debut album “WHAT?” on July 12th Genre: Rock, noise rock, alternative rocl. RIYL: Deerhoof, Primus, The Talking Heads, The Melvins, Mr Bungle, F**ked Up” so it says in the press release e.mail thing – I never heard a band who sounded less like Talking Heads or Mr Bungle in my life, and I never could stand Primus much, maybe at a push if Deerhoof had completely lost the plot in the very best of ways on a bus full of punk rock riot grrrls pissed off about the price of Bikini Kill tickets on a road to somewhere you never heard of? Maybe if someone chewed off the collective knee caps of those Melvins, stuffed some broken glass in there and then stitched those bloody caps back on (upside down) then it might sound a bit like Throwaway do? They are exotic birds, they do go off and things, maybe if you threw Cardiacs at their most abrasively bloody muddy bloody bloody minded best in the the blender with Deerhoof and Guerilla Toss and that band we were on about the other day, who was that now? Never mind, you don’t need any of these words, if yu have any sense you cut to the chase and the Bandcamp of it all ages ago, what sort of person bothers with music reviews these days? Can we talk about this again? One, two, three, four…I work, this is work, this is hard work, “I work!”, this works “Long ago, from the depths of the streaming ocean, a single-celled organism changed the course of history as it slithered slowly towards the land. Now, millions of years later, its ancestors gather at the holy rock venues to pay tribute with a strange new version of rock and roll”. She’s called Kirsten Careyby the way, she fronts it all, play guitar, she works…. hang on, they haven’t posted the Bandcamp yet, the album is out on July 12th, toy can find out about it via their Bandcamp page though, or their Facebook page, here’s some videos and things, see, I work, nice one Jake, cease and what? What! (sw)

“Named after its final lyric, Throwaway’s WHAT? is a unique angle on rock that you could only expect from a band fronted in media by a woman in a paper bag mask – and in reality by Kirsten Carey. Recorded at Manifest Studios in Santa Monica, CA, Throwaway’s debut album is the result of five years of cultivation between Detroit and Los Angeles. From the buoyant cheekiness of “The Revenge Society” to the sardonic playfulness of “I Work,” WHAT? is perfect illustration of Throwaway’s unique angular, acrobatic riffs and unexpected musical turns”.


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