ORGAN THING: Throwaway VidDitty number six, hot stuff from Detroit Rock City…


Organ Thing of the Day: We’ve told you about Detroit’s Throwaway several times before, “ Throwaway are an experimental rock duo that leaps around virtuosic riffs and unexpected rhythms. You can hear their debut album, WHAT?, on Bandcamp“: They’ve let loose a rather strange, even by their strange standards this is strange, a rather strange video, still haven’t really worked out Thtowaway, I rather like not trying to work thm out, sometimes things are best whe nyou don’t try to work it out…


Here’s that album from last year…


Previous Organ coverage….

ORGAN THING: The best albums of 2019? Le Grand Sbam, Poil, Peter Hammill & Isildurs Bane, Helium Horse Fly, Child Abuse, Throwaway, Flying Luttenbachers, John Ghost and…

ORGAN THING: She works, they work, we work, this is awkwardly good, Detroit’s Throwaway have a hardboiled debut album you really do need in your life

Organ Thing: Some PoiL, some Throwaway, some Mr Sterile Assembly…







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