ORGAN THING: Unabled Form, the debut album from deliciously experimental artist Li Yilei is on the way, hear a track here…


Organ Thing of The Day: Unabled Form, the debut album from Li Yilei is on the way, here’s a first taste….

“Unabled Form seeks the space and sounds that often go unnoticed, but to Li have been the source of much stimuli and have consequently made a huge impact on the artist’s evolution. As Li explains, “My music is composed of fragments and field recordings. Anything from my environment can become material, from an acoustic recordings to conversations on public transport.” As the child of a Buddhist nun, concepts of emptiness and impermanence were embedded from an early age. “Buddhism is not just a practice for me but also a set of values that I grew up with. I don’t purposely force the ideas into my work, everything kind of just flows naturally. I guess there’s a sense of transparency and lightness in my works, as well as an avoidance of form.”

Li Yilei grew up in China and arrived in London six years ago via stints in Tokyo and Vienna. The 23-year-old artist’s musical journey began listening to Chinese folk cassettes and imported American pop music and, after initial failed attempts to form a band – sparked by an emerging enthusiasm for noise, psychedelic and avant-garde music – was led to solo exploration of electronic music and sound art practice. Journeying from a fine art background to a place of greater fulfilment via musical composition and performance, Li adds, “I want to create a way of listening that is available for all senses, not only the ears. I hope my music communicates better than words. Sometimes words are futile.” The Unabled Form recording sessions took place in South London during 2019 and the album was mastered and cut by mastering legend Noel Summerville. Li created the elegant artwork with artist and video director Reuben Sutherland.

Unabled Form is the third release on LTR Records. Available on 180gm vinyl and housed in a luxurious tip-on sleeve, the album will be available to pre-order from, as well as select record stores, online and streaming services”.


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