ORGAN THING: Those “bloody” hands and what is the point (of art) right now? Hang on, Gunshot are still out there…

What is art’s role right now? What is the point of art right now? In Organ right now or indeed Cultivate? The “Serve and Protect” sculpture outside  Salt Lake City’s Public Safety Building, now has a layer of red, “a demonstration of how art’s meaning can change completely with context”, now those “bloody” hands are powerful as we watch the bizarre actions of the U.S Police and listen to the stranger than strange utterings of Trump, let along the bluffing of our own “very proud” idiot Boris and the UK government’s failure during these day of virus and one rule for us and another for them while Cummings sneers…


We could go write another of those five recommended art feartures, we could battle through the stacks of e.mails from galleries offering us cut prices deals on even more same old same old limited edition prints from so called street artists, we could write a patronising piece and call it something like Black Art Matters, we could, the tokenism of that blacking out thing last Tuesday or the frustraition of just painting George Floyd but..

but nothing is enough now…

but surely art is mostly a force for good?

“Polite notice: You can be better”


This is a Gunshot album from back in ’93, last time we bumped into Gunshot was back in the last century, we were sitting outside the Royal Standard, a pub and one time music venue in Walthamstow, North East London, we’d arranged to meet thete to do an Organ interview, they were a great band, excellent peoplre, brilliant.  We got hassled as soon as we sat down, well they did, I didn’t,  they laughed it off, we got the interview done….


Hang on, stop the bus, or the train, or whatever you’re currently riding, seems Gunshot are back doing things, here’s their Bandcamp page



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