ORGAN: Five Random things – William D.Drake at Sutton House, contemporary street artist Nina Chanel Abney, An Historic sings Peter Hammill, Kunsty the Clown tries an all steak Pukka Pie, an a cappella Junior is a Jitterbug and…

Five random things, why not? It was only the other day someone around here said they didn’t like lists, why not get random? five things that have passed our way in the last few days – art, music, underculture, links, signpost, things to explore, it is what we’ve always done.

The whole thing is really about cross-pollination or something like that. “What’s the colour of the page Bill?”, Yellow was the answer according to Mr Smith (and Jim came running down the hill). I doubt if we’ll make a habit of being random or getting too list about it all. The best list I ever got on was L7’s, they too a dislike to a piece of art, a New England t-shirt at a gig at the Astoria. There was once a whole edition of Organ dedicated to L7 but that really is reaching way too far back. hey look, you never read these editorial bits, we could type anything here, we know you just jump to the bits of art or music…

1: William D Drake – Some rather fine footage posted today from a rather fine thing that happened here in Hackney some four years ago when we used to go out and rock out to harpsichord/hurdy-gurdy/crumhorn vibes and meet people and well. Lot’s more William D. Drake via these fractured pages here and

and previously ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: A First listen to the new William D Drake album…

2: Nina Chanel Abney and another Justkids piece, this time via Bentonville art organization Oz Art (over there in the US) who apparently asked JustKids to curate and produce a piece of public art. Seems te always interesting team at JustKids invited “rising contemporary American artist Nina Chanel Abney to create a powerful message of love and human embrace for the Northwest Arkansas community through a site-specific mural alongside the Bentonville Razorback greenway trail”, they say the work is “keeping the momentum of a prolific year for her, the artist displayed her signature colourful bold style and narrative-driven art using collage-style imagery and jump-cut storytelling to tackle racism against black people”. We like Just Kids, we’ve said this a few time via these fractured pages now

On the mural, untitled Mull It Over, one can read STOP – DON’T KILL – LOVE – BLACK. A statement on the longstanding racial crisis and the nonsensical killing of black men, women and children echoing the Black Lives Matter protest chants.  In reference to developing the public art piece the artist express: “My starting point for the mural was thinking about the things that have been going on in the last year, and historically, and about how it can’t be unity unless everyone is respected equally.”

Links – Nina Chanel Abney / JustKids on Instagram / JustKids website

Nina Chanel Abney – Coney

3 An Historic sings Peter Hammill, now that is an impressive version of Mr X, this is an album that dates from 2015 that came our way via the magic of a social media feed earlier today. I know nothing on An Historic, we do know that Mr X knows that social media is the way the world ends of course, Mr X is feeling tense, hard to mess up a Peter Hammill song of course, An Historic hasn’t, these are fine fine versions, you can find them and indeed download them for free via Bandcamp – and it does mean we have to explore An Historic and the clarity by the light of that car and so far so good. and his solo stuff, his name is Adam Matlock by the way, like the artwork there on April 3rd, self portraits are a thing right now. and The Herbalists are sounding interesting, I do like the flow of Generations of Seed, more soon


4: 180Gs – “This is an a cappella cover version of the epic song “Junior is a Jitterbug” from Cardiacs’ “Guns” album. This is the first 180Gs video which actually shows them singing! The Gs released their version of Cardiacs “Sing to God” double album in 2018 and are thinking of covering the Guns album in its entirety as well. Check out David Minnick’s Bandcamp page fo hear more of the 180 Gs and other projects:

5: Kunsty the Clown tries an all steak Pukka Pie – the first in what we’re told (or maybe threatened) will be a series of pie reviews from Kunsty and the Digital Dark Times YouTube channel

And now that it is out, you can now hear that Black Country New Roads album we reviewed in such a possitive way a few weeks back in full – ORGAN THING: Have Black Country, New Road just hit us with what could be the best album of 2021? – Black Country, New Road’s much-anticipated debut album For the first time has just landed here… Black Country, New Road are a very very now band, but not in that too now for their own good kind of way of so many “now” bands. At times Black Country, New Road are a beautifully shot six part… read on

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