ORGAN THING: The frustration of not elephant stealing and just looking on line at what appears to be an exciting Pieter Jennes show at East London’s Public Gallery…

We did post a small preview piece about Pieter Jennes and his then forthcoming show, Everybody’s heard about the bird, at Public Gallery back at the start of March, part of one of those Five Art Things things we do most weeks, we were were rather hoping to get to see the show in the flesh, it is apparently up in the gallery until April 14th and those paintings really do look like thay desperately need to be seen in the flesh rather than just on line. Really have got to a point now where only looking at art on line just won’t do – well yes obviously, whatever else is going on only looking at art on line will never ever do, but this year of Covid has got to be way way too much now, it simply isn’t enough to to look at the show on line. These Pieter Jennes paintings feel like they’re going to be exciting, they look big, they feel big, they feel bold, they promise much, and yes , it looks like Stealing an Elephant would be difficult, they do look like fun, can we say that? Are we having fun? Can we say fun?

Pieter Jennes -Deep in the woods (2020), Oil on canvas, 170 × 200 cm

Pieter Jennes lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium, Everybody’s heard about the bird is happening over here behind closed doors in lockdown East London. It does all look rather theatrical, indeed satirical, see fun, elephant stealing is fun, we really do just want to go to a gallery and have fun, see art, stand in front of art, play spot the reference, flat is that paint? What has he done there. Really do want to see this show in the flesh, really do want to spend time in front of the pieces, explore, looks through the trees, eleven paintings apparently. There is a lure, frustraiting, damn, we can but look on line and well here you go, the link (sw)

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