ORGAN: R.I.P Richard H. Kirk, the Cabaret Voltaire “creative genius” and electronic pioneer…

This sad news just in from Mute Records….

“RICHARD H. KIRK 1956-2021 – It is with great sadness that we confirm our great and dear friend, Richard H. Kirk has passed away. Richard was a towering creative genius who led a singular and driven path throughout his life and musical career.  We will miss him so much.  We ask that his family are given space at this time. Mute”

Richard Harold Kirk was an English musician who specialised in electronic music, Born in Sheffield in 1956, Kirk first came to prominence in the 1970s as one-third of influential industrial music band Cabaret Voltaire, formed in 1973. He subsequently released projects under his own name and as part of various groups and collaborations, her remained an influential creator of alternative electronic music right up until his most recent releases of 2020  The Cabs as people affectionately called them and were a massive influence on left field alternative music and the art of challenging electronica, Kirk remained the only continuous member of Cabaret Voltaire, returning to the project for a series of live performances starting in 2014, two decades on from the initial dissolution of the band in 1994. In November 2020, he released the first album of new Cabaret Voltaire material in more than two decades, Shadow Of Fear, via Mute. An EP, Shadow Of Funk, as well as two more albums, Dekadrone and BN9Drone, followed on Mute earlier this year.

Our thoughs are with his friends and family….

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