ORGAN THING: The Art on a Postcard Winter Auction comes to a climax on Thursday, here’s our pick of the art you just about have time to bid on…

167. Vanessa Gardiner – Sea Cliff

This year’s Art on a Postcard Winter auction has less than a week to go, it all ends this Thursday 25th November. As always, all proceeds from the auction that features the work of around 200 invited artists and just over rather diverse 500 pieces of art, goes to the Hepatitis C Trust (you can read lots more about it on the Art on a Postcard website).. 

The Art on a Postcard auctions and events are a now rather established part of the art calendar, twenty years old , always alive with interesting art and exciting artists, and of course it is a cause very worthy of support. I really should declare my own interest and involvement here, yeah yeah yeah, more blowing my own damn trumpet, I am one of the artists invited to take par this time, delighted to say yes and contribute four paintings of course, the often impersonated Art on a Postcard team do curate their events in a rather cutting edge kind of way,dare I say  they do have a way of finding and showing the work of new artists alongside the names you might know already – I’ve spotted quite a few names new to me who I really need to know more about.   

94. Alison McWhirter – Falling

“Not only do you get to buy a beautiful work by a renowned artist, you can also feel really good about yourself! Art on a Postcard is something special for a vital cause, it raises awareness and funds for an illness so often pushed to the side-lines.  This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Hepatitis C Trust’s operations, the national charity for people with hepatitis C that created Art on a Postcard. It is a patient-led and patient-run organisation; most of its board, staff, and volunteers have had hepatitis C themselves. It is committed to eliminating hepatitis C in the UK by 2030, and its strategy is based on pillars of better prevention, increased diagnosis, and treatment for all. Art on a Postcard is an essential part of the Trust, without which they would not have already made such an enormous difference” ( Bella Bonner-Evans)

The four pieces I have submitted are four of the ongoing Skyline series that has been evolving over the last couple of years, enough about me though, you just passed a link should you wish to read more about my contribution.  Do please go have a look at the auction, there’s some really good art there waiting to be explored, some exciting artists, it is good to be part of it, it is good when art happens in a positive way like this. There’s just over 500 pieces of art on offer, lots to digest, lots to explore, some beautifully big postcard size pieces, some glorious paintings.

Here’s our selected pick of twenty, not a best of, we’d never be that arrogant, these selections are always subjective, personal, just one point of view. There are some gorgeous seascapes – I grew up by the sea, I do need to get back there – some delicious use of colour, some committed energetic mark making, some seriously committed art, thrilling art.

We’ve picked twenty pieces, our highlights, you’ll probably scroll through the auction and and think well why the hell didn’t they pick that one? You really do need to go explore yourselves. The Auction ends on Thursday afternoon, the link is just there, here’s our twenty selections and one more blatant bit of blowing my own trumpet, do love that Newton Blades seascape, do love those Vanessa Gardiner pieces or Ducan Grant’s Dusk or that Emma White painting just down there…. (SW


Do please click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show. The number with each piece is the lot number on ther auction site.

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