ORGAN THING: New Killing Joke, a first track from the new EP out in March, hear it here…

Organ Thing of the Day, a quick one today, things to do, places to be, new Killing Joke, always a welcome thing. “Lord Of Chaos” from the new Killing Joke EP “Lord Of Chaos” out March 25th. The (expensive) UK March and April tour dates are here, here comes the video, here comes the music, it kind of sounds like typical Killing Joke to these ears, that’s no bad thing, I guess they’re happy to just do it rather tha nreally challenge themselves now?

So where are the new Jokes? Maybe Girls In Synthesis (awful name) have the answer? – ORGAN: Five Music Things – The sharp edges of Girls In Synthesis, the counting of Remote, multi-disciplinary artist and zoviet*france man Robin Storey, Vonamor, Loraine James and remembering the bright star that was and is Stuart Adamson…

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