ORGAN: Five music things – April Clocks, fresh Dälek with a little help from Tool, a !GeRald! teaser, Nuha Ruby Ra, Declan Randulph Owen, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, UT coming up at Oto and…

April Clock

Shall we do it again, five more? The Five music things thing for whatever it still might still be worth. Five? There’s something rather compelling about five. Cross-pollination? Five more? Five more while Death Pill still hide in their basements and all we can really do is watch their social media feeds and hope they’re surviving over there in Kyiv, they are still posting so that at least is good

Do we need to do the editorial bit again? Is there another way? A cure for pulling cats out of hats? Is there a rhyme? Is there a reason? Was there ever? What do reasons make? Five more, same as last time (and the time before) five, and no, we never do and the proof of the pudding is in that proof reading. When we started this thing, oh never mind, it doesn’t matter and like we asked last time, does anyone bother reading the editorial? Does anyone ever actually look down the rabbit hole or is it all just method acting? We do listen to everything that comes in, we do it so you don’t have to, we are very (very) picky about what we actually post on these pages or play on the radio or hang in a gallery. Cut to the chase, never mind the editorial there’s loads of music further down the page, well five or so pieces of music that have come our way in the last few days and cut cut slash and cut to the damn chase, who needs an editorial? Here’s your five pieces of music for today….

1: Dälek – “Today we present A Heretic’s Inheritance, the third single from Precipice”. So says MC Dälek “The core of this was built by myself, Mike Manteca, and Joshua Booth… I ain’t big on features on Dälek albums … but this one is different. Listening to the rough of this joint  late night, I knew who’s sound would work perfectly. We’d talked about doing something together for a minute now. It begins with this. Peace to my brother Adam Jones from the legendary TOOL for adding another dimension to this piece. His guitars and synths say all the things I couldn’t say with my voice, so they got their own section to truly sing on in the final mix.  I am humbled to have you on this joint fam, and love how seamlessly your sound fits in our sonic world!  So happy to FINALLY unleash this one on the world.  Watch the pieces line up and fall into focus….”

Single cover art by Mikel Elam by the way,  Video imagery by Mikel as well with editing by Paul Romano, always good to acknowledge the artists and designers who help make these things happen. Dälek are sounding as strong as ever, as distinctive as ever, as bold as ever, they’ve always been an outfit who deliver, their gigs have been some of the best we’ve witnessed. here’s some new Dälek and here’s where you find more of the new album  

And here’s a bit more from the new album that’s out on April 29th…


2; !GeRald! – We’ll just leave this here, a teaser, a taste of the French band’s forthcoming album, an album called The Lost Tapes, a nbew album that’s due in May 2022. There isn’t much of a taste but we know from previous output and you know from previous coverage on these pages – ORGAN THING: Hang on, holy merd (yet again), GeRald! Fire in a Madhouse, The Attack of the Giant what?! This just in from France… – that is will be good

And yes alright, you’ve missed all the !GeRald! radio play and the previous coverage on these pages and you’re too damn lazy to go use that link you just passed and search out some of that previous coverage, fair enough, here’s a video from 2021 as a further taste of the band ahead of the next album and the ssoon to be released new material

3: Nuha Ruby Ra – My Voice is the new single from Nuha Ruby Ra, out on Brace Yourself Records. The video perdormance is from Nuha Ruby Ra and the video was directed by Katya Ganfeld (which is how we found it in the first place, we were checking out Katya’s work after the Robert Calvert Mirror Mirror feature). Head here for more info on Nuha Ruby Ra,

4: April Clocks – Taken from the upcoming new April Clocks album entitled “It Takes Time”, due out April 15th 2022 on Union Editions. Find the album and details via Bandcamp as always

5: Declan Randulph Owen is from Leeds, there’s something about his songs and the way he presents them, that touch of folk that’s under the skin, that scratchy almost homemade edge. the beauty of lo-fi fuzz and feedback and that If flavoured background of the rather excellent nine minutes of Stooges Twelve. Don’t know much about Declan, we crossed paths on social media a couple of days ago. These are “songs of Loss and Beauty recorded as Covid took person after person and the Tories partied”, and yes we did highlight that bit there. Actually the folky bit doesn’t arrive until the later tracks, there’s all kinds of good things going on here, something very heartfelt… Find these recordings on Bandcamp


5: Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch returns with what the label hapily tell us is “a brilliant new album for FatCat’s 130701 imprint. ‘Ravage’ is the title track from the London-based French pianist/composer’s first standalone album since 2018’s ‘Époques’, following which she has been busy building a name for herself scoring an increasingly high-profile series of films. A powerful, deeply personal album that charts the process of grieving for a parent, Emilie describes ‘Ravage’ as “the most intimate and personal project I’ve created”.

Recorded largely at home in London over the lockdown winter of 2020/21, the composition process began way back towards the end 2018 with the title track, which Emilie felt compelled to write during a period of intense grief after losing her father. “It was a way for me to express and process the emotions I was going through, especially as I found it impossible to verbalise, or even tell people. It felt a rather solitary experience because we rarely talk about the loss of a parent with whom one had a fraught relationship, and those extremely layered and complex feelings toward that parent can be hard to explain.”

I know we’ve had five now but a quick metion of UT….

5: UT – A rather fine band we’ve been covering around these parts since the last century, have just announced a show at London’s Cafe Oto on April 23rd, UT are always worth seeing….

“I swear I have never seen a band play harder, I have never seen musicians put so much into their instruments, I have never seen such concentration on stage; in short, I have never seen people make rock ‘n’ roll so much their own, using the normal tools to create a singular, bone-shaking form of expression.” – The Village Voice

“Ut is a radical rock group founded by Nina Canal, Jacqui Ham and Sally Young in NYC in Dec 1978. Originating in the downtown No Wave scene and inheritors of the collision between rock, free jazz and the avant-garde, Ut exploded the rigidity of conventional rock, constructing songs through collective improvisation, swapping instruments and rotating the role of singer/director.

Migrating to London in 1981, Ut played with bands like The Fall and The Birthday Party and released music on their own label, Out Records. Ut became a favorite of BBC’s John Peel and recorded sessions for his show. Joining forces in 1987 with the label Blast First, they released the critically acclaimed In Gut’s House in 1988 and made that year’s NME ‘Top 50 Albums’. The album Griller followed in 1989, engineered by label mate Steve Albini, who shared Ut’s raw aesthetic and captured the band’s intensity.

Ut disbanded in 1990, but began performing again in 2010. The band is currently reissuing its remastered catalogue on Out Records, through Forte Distribution, and available on Bandcamp“.


And while we’re here…

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