ORGAN THING: Hang on, holy merd (yet again), GeRald! Fire in a Madhouse, The Attack of the Giant what?! This just in from France…

Whoooooooooo, yes, stop! Stop, look, listen, turn it up, grab yourselves fourteen minutes and pay full attention to this chemistry, (then when you have send us a thank you) not! Why the hell have this lot taken so long to get in touch, we can’t do all the searching out ourselves. Another French invasion, bring it on cut down those hogweeds, forget that one O’Clock lunch appointment and the lawnmowing, we’re talking The Attack of the Giant Falafel and more highwire French musical insanity up there with PoiL and all the others. The Falafel is from 2018, but this new film and Fire in a Madhouse is right now, this piece is from the new album that’s apparently on the way later this year. Hey, stop reading, stop everything, hit the play button, watch the film, turn it up, what the hell are you waiting for? Full attention, yes! (excellent film making as well)


And while we wait for more of the Madhouse, let’s go back in 2018, although heaven knows why they took until today to say anything. Back in 2018 they made this, this is supreme masterbuilding and yes, it is all clearly about the chemisty, the magic that connects them, this 2018 album is good but that video and the taste of things to come and what we see up there tells us they’ve used the time since 2018 and built on things rather well, I mean The Church of the Sublime Parade is very very (very) good, Back to The Ocean is beautiful, but the Fire in The Madhouse up there is next level excitement. they paint so well with those musical instruments, I mean, come on how good is that film, is it really getting near to almost being Plague in Belgium TV studio level good (nothing is ever ever going to be a good, being good enough to mantion it in the same breath is high praise from us and okay a little over the top but good music excites, new bands excite, this is excellent, no time for sitting on fences around here!)

“The Church of the Sublime Parade is in itself an attempt, a primal cry to the world. The pieces that find themselves on this demo spawned to life over a two year period. Upon our travels to the nearest smallish kind of big city, we met Patrice Lemoine, a past member of the Electric cheese group Gong. We wet our pants when he offered to give us a hand. Patrice ensured the recording, mixing and mastering of this five track rant.. The whole thing took place on March 10th to march 12th 2018 in our rehearsal attic”. Bandcamp


And look, don’t say we don’t go digging out more for you…


2 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: Hang on, holy merd (yet again), GeRald! Fire in a Madhouse, The Attack of the Giant what?! This just in from France…

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