ORGAN THING: Five days until the Art Car Boot Fair opens online with It’s A Pattern on December 1st, here’s our pick of the art we’ve seen so far…


The Winter 2022 edition of the beautiful thing that is the Art Car Boot Fair is almost upon us, less than a week now until it opens, we’re into a serious countdown situation now. This time the fair is an online event, kicking off on Thursday December 1th. You probably know about some of the names involved already, names like Pure Evil or Ben Eine, you surely don’t need us to share their work do you?  The pleasure of the Art Car Boot Fair whether it be on line or in the flesh, is the exploring for artists or pieces of art, for painters or printers or ceramic manipulators who work you might not be quite so familiar with. 

This edition of the Art Car Boot Fair is called “It’s A  Pattern”, it opens on line on Thursday evening, Friday December 1st (6pm UK time – this being on line, you can tune in from all over the globe), the fair then runs until end of day on Sunday December 4th. As we’ve already said, you need to buy a ticket to get in early and get first pickings on the Thursday, the site and the fair becomes free entry to everyone from 8am on Friday morning. There’s something like 150 invited artists as well as a gallery or two  taking part this time so there is lots and lots (and lots) to explore and some of it at very very affordable prices – it is after all the unique thing that is the Art Car Boot Fair (you expect bargains and special treasures at a car boot fair don’t you?). We do still have almost a week to go, not all the artists have loaded up their work yet, there is quite a lot up there already though. You can’t see any of it until Friday but I, as one of the invited artists showing work, can sneak a peak behind the locked door while no one is paying attention. And having sneaked a sneaky peak, here’s a flavour or two, here are some of the things that caught my eye this morning. This is not a best of or anything as trumpeted as that, art isn’t a competition, there is lots to explore, here’s a couple of dozen things that took my fancy earlier today (and yes, one of mine as a 25th. a little out of order I know but hey, I told you before, it really is my trumpet and I’ll blow it whenever I want, if I don’t then who will? I think I’ve got one or two rather decent new pieces up there this time). Here we go then, just a small taste of what you can find at the fair on Friday or over the weekend….

This time around you will find around 150 carefully selected and invited artists

The fair opens online on the ACBF website on Thursday December 1st, it will run until Sunday December 4th. You will need to buy a ticket to access the site and get first pickings,  the “First Access” tickets, priced at £10, allow collectors to view and buy the work from 6pm on Thursday December 1st, entry then becomes free to everyone at 8am on Friday 2nd December, the event will run until midnight on December 4th.

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Do click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show…

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