ORGAN THING: George Henry Longly’s Microgravities at Nicoletti, a new body of work down East London’s Vyner Street, that explores life in space if that pushes your buttons…

George Henry Longly, Microgravities at Nicoletti – Caught this one last weekend, been meaning to say something, something to do with an increasingly misguided loyalty to an increasingly fractured East London Art Scene and the feeling that it surely is still worth the time and effort taken to cover it?  “Microgravities is a solo exhibition by George Henry Longly, in which the artist presents a new body of work including sculptures and video that explores life in space”, Nicoletti, is a more than decent art space, a good place to go see an art exhibition, the last art space on Vyner Street (blah blah, not again, blah blah, shut up about bloody Vyner Street!). The aforementioned sculptures are more richly-coloured wall-based, 3d paintings or 3d pieces as much as they’re sculptures, there’s some playing about with mirrors and reflections on the floor. The gallery space is used well actually, that moon reflected on the grey gallery floor works rather well, a mirror in the middle of a large piece on the Gallery’s back wall (they always use the reflections and the shadows well in this space). The pieces on the wall are, if I overheard it correctly, referencing various blockbuster Science Fiction films that mean very little to me, there’s an impressively big version of a patch that I do believe is designed for and being used on the the International Space Station, quite a thing if I heard that bit right, something to think about it when next it goes over – the on-line tracker says it flies over Hackney at 4am this coming Saturday morning, it really is something quite spectacular when you see it up there, and if you point it out to a passer by they look at you in disbelief, “nah mate, that’s just a plane, what are you on?”.

Anyway, all very blue on the gallery again after that excellent Nana Wolke exhibition that previously occupied the space, spacemen and women rather than taxi drivers and Chelsea hooligans under the Westway this time them. There’s a big screen with a constantly evolving image (or set of images), bold electric colours, rich greens and bold reds, bright in perfectly lit darkness and just right quiet of the gallery.  Hey look, I’m not going to rave and drool over this show, I’m not saying I didn’t like it, I’m certainly not saying there’s anything bad about the exhibition, I kind of enjoyed it, it didn’t annoy me, clearly George Henry Longly does his chosen thing really really well and yes this is a well hung well curated art exhibition that is well worth taking the time to mention here, just that, well, it just doesn’t push any of my personal art  buttons, it doesn’t really excite me, it just isn’t really igniting me in any kind of way, if it looks and sound like it might push a few things for you then it is well worth going to see, I’ll just leave it here with you… (sw)

Nicoletti Contemporary. You find the gallery in the middle of the street, 12a Vyner Street, London, E2 9DG. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 6pm. The show runs until March 25th

Do as awalys, click on an image to see the whole thing or to run the slide show…

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