ORGAN THING: Death Grips announce a London date….

deathgrips_london16It goes it goes, and so it goes that the thing we know as Death Grips are coming our way, well maybe not yours, but they are most definitely coming our way. I do like it when a band are considerate enough to be playing within walking distance of our front door.

Death Grips bring their thing to the Village underground here in London on October 17th, tickets go on sale on Friday morning, that’s tomorrow to you and me… it goes it goes it goes…

We need some more words just to fill up the space so the flyer there fits nicely on the page and there will be no squalor alive on this page!  Seagulls are bullies, they don’t like you to face up to them so says the man on the radio  Let’s throwback to 2011 and that slicing cutting piece of goodness that really did nail what it was all about back there for Death Grips….


ORGAN THING: Hackney WickED this weekend, live art, painting, apocalyptic spirit, music, DIY fun…


Hackney WickED happens this weekend, another one of the genuine highlights of the London art year’s big and busy calendar. Hackney WickED happens every year around about this time, been happening since 2008, it happens over in the warrens and labyrinths at Hackney Wick, around the glorious old buildings of Fish Island, in the fractured studios and the much-loved creative spaces. The weekend art festival Some say it hasn’t quite been the same since the Olympics and all the redevelopment, no one really cared about the area before that, besides the artists and designers of course (we’ve always loved the Wick). back before the Olympics it really was gloriously anarchic, still is to some extent, this year is feel like it just might be capturing some of that apocalyptic spirit of the early years again…



Gentrification is an issue now of course, artists are being forces out, spaces being closed down, knocked down (and we see Aida Wilde has been busy in her Hackney Wick studio making ready with something new, those pieces up there are from earlier this year). In recent years the authorities have been clamping down on the street party aspect, gone (to some extent) are the stages in the street, the bands and the dances mobs blocking the roads while buses tried to push through the dancers, Some of the wilder aspects have been closed down by the Blue Meanies, still been a great weekend in recent years though, still something very very special, a coming together of artists, of DIY attitudes and lots more. This year it almost feels defiant, where last year Hackney WickED seemed to almost be hiding and keeping quiet and low-key, almost apologising for having the audacity to still be happening, this year it feels defiant and there’s a genuine buzz of excitement in the air, a comradery, a throwback, this year it feels like it really is happening again…….


“The Annual east London art festival Hackney WickED returns this year, this time as a curated series of exhibitions, live art, music and film events”

The weekend kicks off this Friday evening with Greased Up, Location: Mick’s Garage, Queen’s Yard, E9 5EN from 6pm-11pm. The Greased Up team say “In 2010 when Hackney WickED was at its hedonistic height ‘Run Riot’ described the area as an ‘apocalyptic world’ where only the artists survived. Fast Forward to 2016 Hackney WickED slams the brakes on in Queens Yard for an evening of reminiscence at Mick’s Garage (a former Garage ran by Mick) for an explosive evening of Installation, Live Art and Performance that will leave you exhausted”. ARTISTS: > STRONTIUM 92 , Tex Royale, Lu Ma Oi, Stray Transmission, The Phantomat, The London Soundpainting Orchestra founded by Diego Ghymers, The Beat Box Collective, Marie Brenneis, Dean Todd, Aoife Van Linden Tol, Mai Nguyen Tri, & MORE. (Curated by Laura May Lewis)


Hackney Wick artists are coming together to organise a DIY Open Studios event at the end of July, Fri 29-Sun 31 July 2016 at locations in and around Hackney Wick & Fish Island; to celebrate the artist and creative community that currently resides in the area. Your annual chance to explore the labyrinth of artist studios and creative spaces with over 100 participants. Studios confirmed to take part include: Mother Studios, Space (Britannia Works, Bridget Riley, White Building, Eastway Studio), See Studio, Stour Space, Arebyte, Lionworks, Wallis Rd/ Cell/ Liquid Studios, 92 White Post Lane, Vittoria Wharf, Peanut Factory, Fish Island Labs/Swan Wharf, Grow Hackney.

43_july2016Oh look, there are loads and loads of artistic things going on, just get out your best smile, find your best sunhat and go explore over the weekend and you’ll find yourself constantly turning another corner and finding something else to enjoy and take part in. Oh and do watch out for a #43ArtDrop piece happening over the weekend (I’m working on it now, a piece of art in 43 parts, each part hanging there for someone to take should they wish to)

Timings HW Friday Late: 6-9pm DIY Open Studios, 6-11pm HW Late at Mick’s Garage, Saturday/Sunday: 12-6pm DIY Open Studios, with evening programming around the Wick with partner venues featuring; [talks], [installations], [performance commission], [shops], [tours], [music], [exhibitions], [workshops], [open jams] & more

o many highlights tp pick out, unfair to so really but over at Grow they say “We’re excited to announce artist XENZ will be displaying some of his studio work on our walls”, Grow have bands playing, jazz bands, brass bands, Actually we’d be here all day listing everything that’s going on over the weekend, all it is all happening in a small enough area that you just have to go and pick out that bit over there, ot what’s that? or that sounds good or…There’s a full weekend programme of events and studio & gallery openings and things over on the official website

Here’s some Organ words and a whole load of photos from Hackney WickED 2015 – “Yesterday was a great day, a day to “enjoy it while we can”, we’ll celebrate days like this and places and people like these when it’s all gone. We’ve already lost Vyner Street, most of Redchurch Street, East London is changing fast, not every change is bad of course, but most of it really is, and we artists know our time is almost up around here… Celebrate these times, this art, these old buildings, warehouses, these people and these creative spaces that birth so much… Hackney Wicked happened again this year, we had a great time”

And this weekend it happens again, almost defiantly, I can’t wait, see you there (sw)



. .

ORGAN THING: Clip it, have some new Clipping…

blah blah blah…. music… blah blah… art…. stuff…. things…. art conferences… bombing it…. smashing it… sell a print… market market market…. “you can’t paint that wall mate, I control that wall, you need my permission, I select the artists, I control this street”. Who appointed you? Isn’t it past your bedtime anyway? Hang on, here comes some new Clipping to flip with things….


“Watch “Baby Don’t Sleep,” the first video from our new album, Splendor & Misery (available 9/9/16)” so say Clipping



VIDEO CREDIT (because that is a good video and these things are important): Director: Cristopher Cichocki

“Clipping.’s collaboration with multi-disciplinary artist Cristopher Cichocki erupts into a seamless blending of video and sound. Baby Don’t Sleep is an electrified vortex of video art that jolts into the core of clipping.’s commanding noise-rap and music concrete aesthetics. Captured within the industrial bellies of New York and Los Angeles, this meticulously detailed work is comprised from Cichocki’s visual experiments with interference static, oscilloscopic wavelengths, and flicker-frame animation” .


ORGAN THING: Oust, a visual appreciation, Fantastic Negrito and the Last Days of Oakland…

Oust, a visual appreciation of the walls of East London….


Meanwhile over in Oakland, California

“Fantastic Negrito – real name Xavier Dphrepaulezz – in his teens ran with Oakland street gangs, before cleaning up and signing with Prince’s management as Xavier. After a slow recovery from a car crash that left him in a three weeks long coma with a fractured skull, Xavier undertook several different musical alter egos – including a stint in punk band Blood Sugar X. In the end, Xavier completely walked away from music for five years, only to reemerge fully regenerated as Fantastic Negrito.


A performer with a proud social consciousness, Fantastic Negrito runs an arts-collective in his hometown of Oakland, and has played at US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign rallies in New Hampshire and Las Vegas. Fantastic Negrito sang with Blackalicious on their latest album, and last year won NPR’s Tiny Desk video contest ahead of 7000 others with this entry”:


About The Last Days of Oakland:

“It means something to be from Oakland. The tiny city that birthed the Hells Angels, the first sports team in black, and America’s oldest street dance has always been ground zero for counter culture. It is a place where violent crime, art, and swagger converge. It has always been diverse. It has always understood that danger and edge are critical ingredients for art and culture.

But Oakland is changing. As its neighbors, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, spill over with money, the economy in Oakland is soaring. Young entrepreneurs and aspiring artists are attracted by the city’s perceived “renaissance.” Oakland is becoming whiter and safer. Now Oakland is ground zero for the national discussion on gentrification.

Fantastic Negrito is an artist who bridges Oakland’s future with its legendary past. He is a wounded veteran of the city once claimed by Black Panthers and hustlers. He is a vital voice in what the New York Times called “the hottest city in America.” His album, The Last Days of Oakland, is about the fallout and rebirth that comes in the wake of a seismic shift. It is intensely relevant — the way his city has always been.

An indie Al Green with the emotional depth of a Delta original, Fantastic Negrito is the genuine African-American heir to the great lineage of blues, soul and funk vocalists, with the rock attack of a Robert Plant or a Jack White, and the poetic politics of a Gil Scott Heron. The Last Days Of Oakland alludes to the frantic gentrification of Fantastic Negrito’s hometown, while the twist he gives to timeless folk-blues classic “In The Pines” electrifies the song with an immediacy and relevance torn from today’s racial strife-ridden headlines”.

.UK and Irish Dates:

15th Sept Bush Hall, London

17th Sept King Tuts, Glasgow

18th Sept Whelans, Dublin

For the full List of European dates go here





ORGAN THING: A stolen preview of True Neutral Crew’s fine fine fine new album, a taste of the new Dinosaur album and an important bat fact…


y’all can’t sit with us, y’all ain’t cool enough. Who cares what we think anyway, none of this means jack flip, seen one red phone box you’ve seen them all, soup cans the same, and the last thing anyone needs is another lazy leaf shape.

The new True Neutral Crew album is premiering somewhere far cooler than here, but hey, what the hell, we ripped it and planted it here anyway, and what’s the point is forcing a follow on anyway? Don’t be taking any risks now, what if it rains on Tuesday? And what the hell is a think piece? Do what to bears? Who thinks? Videos of feet getting sticky.  I’m still wondering why I went to that Art Conference thing yesterday, all the scrubbing in the world won’t cleans it and well no, I do know why I went, but do you know why you went? Do yer? D’ya think?

“Be sure to pick up a copy of the latest The WIRE for a brilliant think piece on True Neutral Crew!” No using any DDT around here, sustainable rant and rave and cut ‘n paste and cut to the chase and I do so want to write Crue instead of Crew and then go shouting at the devil and really what do we know about any of this. We didn’t even pass the urine test and who were they who couldn’t get out?

“A sprawling collective that includes Daveed Diggs (clipping.) Brian Kinsman (ex-Foot Village), Signor Benedick The Moor, and Margot Padilla, TNC makes absolutely mental hip-hop that carries traces of ambient, drone, and experimental music to its illogical conclusion. The following Soft Rules premiere is taken from a double CD pressing that features both of the group’s previously released mixtapes, a few one-offs, and appearances by Black Pus and The Soft Pink Truth. Have a listen here and look out for a complete track-by-track breakdown when the album drops next Friday…” so said some magazine without a name

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

Anward, anward? What kind of a word is anward? Doesn’t anyone ever proof read around here? Dinosaur have a new album ready to go, ‘Together, As One’, the new album from the rather flowing four piece is out on September 16th find out a hell of a lot more than the very little we’ve told you here vie Edition Records for it is they who are releasingwhat sounds like it might be a rather good album.

“Having worked together as a band over the past six years,  we have produced a record that is a testament to our close friendship, the time we’ve  spent developing a cohesive sound and our passion and dedication to the art”. LAURA JURD.  Laura plays trumpet and synth in Dinosaur, here’s a taste of the forthcoming album


And for absolutely no reason what so ever,here’s Yes covering Genesis… “YES featuring Peter Gabriel performing Watcher Of The Skies – In Paris TV Studio 1970 – Later Played On Pirate Radio Verte2 Italie early ’70s. Source: French TV studio announcer/engineer at the time, later DJ of his own pirate radio station broadcasting from North Italy, in French”.


IMPORTANT DATES IN HISTORY PART 36:  Friday 9 February 1973 the night an audience in London were treated to the introduction of the bat wings. Genesis would headline their first British tour during February 1973 (Foxtrot Tour). It was on the second show that Peter Gabriel would introduce the audience to the bat wings for the very first time during ‘Watcher of the Skies’. This show also premiered the Magog box head-piece and flower mask for the epic ‘Supper’s Ready’. Read lots more of this kind of vitally important stuff over at Musical Brick  and stop wasting your time here poking around this fractured Organ thing….


ORGAN THING: Poking a nose or two in at this weekend’s Art Conference (couldn’t afford the £80 day ticket though…)

The Art Conference, I guess the clue is in the title? The Art Conference opened earlier today, spread out over the three floors of The Ugly Duck, a beautiful 19th century warehouse type building not far from the river down by London Bridge.  A 48 bus ride from Hackney, so let’s go poke a nose or two in…

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016 – Robert Montgomery

According to the press release The Art Conference is a two-day festival for art, tech and culture professionals held on the 23rd and 24th of July, brings together 18+ international keynote speakers, artists and thought leaders to debate across a series of seminars, panel discussions and interactive exhibitions. We are creating a platform to discuss, connect and engage with contemporary art from a fresh perspective”

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016 – Dan Witz

The plush looking exhibition is mostly located on the ground floor of the rather beautiful brick building, the conference aspect is happening behind closed across the upper two. The £80 day ticket is a little beyond most of us (£150 for the full weekend), I guess there were early bird tickets at £65 a shot and a slight discount for students..). Not met a London artist or curator who’s said they’re going (have been making a point of asking people in the last couple of weeks, this thing has got me a little curious), £80 a day? Not for the likes of us then? Most of us are busy with trying to survive in this city, most of us need every penny we make for studio rent and if we’re lucky we have a bit left for a fresh tube of paint and a beer.

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016 - Maser

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

The exhibition part is free to get in to but this really doesn’t feel like the important part of what’s going on here. We can hear bits of the conference going on, RJ from Vandalog is in there talking, not sure when he last covered anything going on in this city (I think the last time we saw him in town was when he put on that show of mostly US street art and we did a radio interview for our show on Resonance with him, rather good show actually but hey, not sure if any of these people are in touch with our world?)  Actually where is the Resonance representation at this conference? Surely London’s only dedicated arts radio station should be here somewhere?

There’s not much going on in terms of the promised networking or engagement, well not in the exhibition area, I guess it might be happening behind the closed-doors upstairs, who knows?  Is anyone up there? Hard to tell?  Downstairs is mostly a little tame and politely (un)engaging, there’s some mostly “nice looking” art, nothing that edgy, nothing that confrontational or dangerous, nothing throwing out the sort of challenge or the type of questions you’d expect at an art conference (well besides those Tinsel Edwards signs that convey some of the anger and frustration that comes with being a London-based artist right now). Sure, there’s a nicely hung show, all correctly put together, everything by the book, correctly formal, nice white frames, nice white walls, nice white labels, a nice enough exhibition. There’s a row of red phone boxes over there, has someone let D7606 in? Actually a red phone box is about as unusual as a soup can at a show these days (why are there so may soup cans can’t go a week without another soup can), these red phone boxes are the work of Dan Witz, they’re a bit more exciting that an over-repeated mass produced paste-up, but hey, hardly radical is it?  Actually Dan Witz is an interesting artist, I suspect the environment is stifling everything a little, the art in here feels a little neutered, the art in here feels a little like it’s had its balls chopped off

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016 – Colin McMaster

There is good art though, the Colin McMaster pieces (and room-like area) are rather delightful, well no, they deserve to be called a little more than delightful, delightful is a little disrespectful, his space is engaging, it is delightful!  There’s a lot of digital art flickering away, people looking at things via headsets and virtual reality, things are running on laptop computers, do we need galleries for that? Can we just watch a YouTube rather than sit in a gallery watching a small computer screen wearing headphones? Maybe they’re addressing that in the conference bit? Maybe someone will put it on YouTube later? No sign of Tinsel’s signs? Tinsel Edwards is one of the familiar artists, about the only one here from “our” world, an artist often encountered in the back street art spaces of London exhibiting and curating, good to see her in here, good to see one of “ours”, an activist though? (The signs are finally tracked down after several enquiries, hiding on the second floor away from the rest of the exhibition).

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016 – Maser

Maser’s City Lights in the back space beyond the white cube area are colourful to walk through, the space occupied my that piece leading to Robert Montgomery’s Light Poetry is a little more like it. Oh look, the art in here on the whole, is okay, some of it rather good, Jordan Seiler’s Collisions and Access looks encouraging, inviting, exciting, I don’t know, not sure what I was expecting? Not sure what the organisers were trying to communicate? Not sure what the organisers were expecting of us? Were they trying to communicate anything? There’s probably a statement from them somewhere? What was this all about? I guess if I had shelled out the eighty notes for a day ticket it might have thrown up some stimulating talk and such? Maybe? Would it?  Networking? What are we supposed to be networking?

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016 – Jordan Seiler


The cast of The panel of keynote speakers apparently included:  Jordan Seiler (Artist, Founder of Public Ad Campaign), Mia Grondahl (Art Administrator, Founder of Women on Walls), Dan Witz  (Artist, Project Breathing Room), Tinsel Edwards (Artist and Activist), RJ Rushmore (Journalist and Curator, Founder of Vandalog), Lucy McLauchlan (Artist), Robert Montgomery (Artist, Poet and Sculptor), Maser (Fine Artist and Mural Painter), Jose Montemayor (VR artist and photographer), Valentina Fois (Digital art curator), Dan Lewis (App Developer, Founder of Skute), Teresa Latuszewska (Founder of Urban Forms Foundation), Vestalia Chilton (Curator of MB6, Morocco), Guillaume Trotin (Director of OpenWalls Gallery), Louis Jensen (Art Director, Founder of Spraying Bricks), Charlotte Webster (Arts Administrator, Founder of Human Nature).

Oh look, the conference is happening behind closed doors and beyond the pocket of us mere artists, none of the art audience we regularly see in London appear to be here either, i guess the price is beyond them as well? Or maybe the idea of a conference just doesn’t excite them?  It might have been good up there in the actual conference bit?Maybe? Who knows? The exhibition has some moments, most of it is a little too polite and just a little too well behaved and conservative, a little too clean-cut and sanitised and most weeks there’s more excitement, more energy and more attitude to be found in the artist run spaces, the warehouse events, in the car parks and the sculpture woods, in the surviving art galleries still managing to hang on in the gentrified back streets of London (the back streets I suspect anyone taking part in this conference never ventures anywhere near)..

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

THE ART CONFERENCE, London, July 2016

There was a pleasant enough deck chair area outside, no networking there either though. What was happening here? A different world? An art world divorced from most working artists? Oh I don’t know, it all seemed very polite and not feeling like it was for the likes of us scumbags. Was it relevant? Did I waste an afternoon?  Think I’ll stick to the excitement of metalwork workshops down Clare Street or the odd bit of Play when we can still find a space to do it ourselves, art conferences aren’t for us, we’ll get on with doing what we do and leave them to it, we’ll look forward to what remains of Hackney WickEd and the open studios and brick walls of East London next weekend. . glad we came though, i think I’m glad? it is good to poke a nose in and see isn’t it? Decent enough exhibition I guess? Was it? Oh I don’t know, all seems a long way away from Joshua Compston, not sure what this was all about? 40 years since punk rock shook up the music world this year, dare we suggest the art world needs a revolution? What was this all about?    (sw)

The Art Conference continues tomorrow, Sunday July 24th. Full program, details of the artists, speakers and tickets available via the website  The exhibition area is free to get in to.

The exhibition area is free to get in to, here’s a photo or two, click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show….

ORGAN THING: Miraculous Mule’s monster, that revolution sparked and..

Monster? Let’s just park the b-side to the forthcoming Miraculous Mule single here, a proper proper (monster of a) b-side…


They’re saying the release is a double A-side, but hey, these things matter, the a-side is a classic slice of pop, a glorious twist alive with revolution’s call, the a-side really is The Sound of The Summer, listen to it three times and you won’t think that much of it, but  play it a fourth time and you’ll start to get it, by play seven you’ll be singing it all day, you’ll be waking up with it in your head, I’m on play 843 now, that a-side is pure soul, a proper seven inch single (we’ve said all this here already of course), the sound of a brand new day, kids on the park, revolution sparks, the real sound of the summer, vital and alive and why is it not all over the radio? What is the point of music radio if you’re not going to play this?


The sound as the city burns, burning and looting….   and every classic a-side needs a flip, that Burning moment of discovery, what’s this!? The b-side! Whole legions of lives were changed as pre-teenage boys and girls finally got around to flipping over their copy of The Sweet’s pop classic Hell Raiser and Burning was discovered, a monster that led a generation to Zeppelin and Sabbath and….. The b-side of Miraculous Mule’s new seven inch is a monster of a b-side, a classic, the single is from Miraculous Mule‘s forthcoming album Two Tonne Testimony (released November 4th).


“For those of you who found ‘Sound of the Summer’ a little too subtle and mannered the other side is now available for your listening pleasure. This song was written two years ago in response to the rise of the far right throughout Europe. It takes to task those who fan the flames of fear and hatred and those who blindly follow the likes of Farage, Trump, Le Pen, Wilder etc. Songs like this do not get played on the radio so please share it far and wide…” (Miraculous Mule)


ORGAN THING: Thursday night, painting, Vindicatrix, Rosso, performance art, Govore, Flyying Colours…

Thursday evening, London town, shall we go to explore some art tonight?  The Human Figure promises to be a stimulating show, An exhibition of paintings by: Sal Jones, Gianluca Pisano, Rosso and Eleanor Buffam, the show is on now and runs until Sunday, there’s a late night opening (6pm until 9pm) tonight, Thursday. Rosso is a painter we’ve been enthusing about quite a bit on these pages this year – Been meaning to say something about Rosso for a few weeks now, she’s an artist who’s been exciting us over the early months of 2016….   The show looks like it might well be worth exploring, images from all four of the very painterly painters just there… The show happens at The Gallery, Stoke Newington Library.

The Human Figure

The Human Figure

Meanwhile over at that rather frustrating Cell space, right there on the busy Cambridge Heath Road, borders of Hackney and Bethnal Green, you know the one, well no, you probably don’t, another (arts Council funded) art space that hides away and fails to engage in any way other than with the art school crowd on an opening night. Why don’t these spaces have signs? Why don’t they at least try to engage with the general public? You’d never know Cell was there and if you do know and wonder in, you don’t really feel that welcome.     Tonight looks rather interesting though, tonight being Thursday July 21st, doors open 7pm, big white building next door to the cash and carry and the neon light shop, over the street from the Hare pub, through the small car park, white building, small door, no sign, no sign of life, hiding in plain view… Cell Project Space, 258 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9DA.

New Noveta Performance Sound collaboration with Vindicatrix

New Noveta Performance Sound collaboration with Vindicatrix

Govore:  New Noveta Performance, a Sound collaboration with Vindicatrix

“Incorporated into the gallery space, New Noveta’s performance will leave a permanent mark for the remaining part of the exhibition until 7th August, is it rude or polite to leave the room? with works by Nina Cristante, Caspar Heinemann, Leslie Kulesh, New Noveta, Camilla Wills.  New Noveta are the performance artist duo Keira Fox and Ellen Freed. Earlier this year they presented performance and works for their first solo exhibition, Zene Zelmje, at Sandy Brown Gallery, Berlin. They were included in Glasgow International 2016, performing ‘Chauteaux double wide- 3 Women’, a collaboration with Amy Stickland at Avante garde space and ‘No Nahadou’ with installation at Transmission Gallery alongside Sidsel Meineche Hansen. Alongside club venues, bars and performance festivals New Noveta have performed inside artists’ projects including ‘Strodor Sychan Levon’ a collaboration with Louis Backhouse at Lima Zulu Gallery, London, ‘Fig 2’ part of Oreet Ashery’s ‘Revisiting Genesis’ at ICA, London, and ‘Chavalia Abutak Amethyst, The Museum as Performance programme’, Serrlaves Contemporary Art Museum, Porto; all in 2015.  Please arrive promptly to avoid disappointment. The current exhibition continues until 7th August open Thursday- Sunday 12-6pm.

Here’s the new single from FLYYING COLOURS, from the debut album “Mindfullness”



“After two critically acclaimed EPs, Flyying Colours are set to release their debut album ‘Mindfullness’ in September on Club AC30. Residing in a dream-world that sits somewhere between psych, indie, grunge and shoegaze, the Australian band’s beautifully dynamic new offering showcases their talent for uniting a delicate vocal melody with a satisfying thick wall of abrasive drums and guitars.

Leading track and first single It’s Tomorrow Now further stirs the melting pot. Opening with a chaotic looped squeal, the knockout punch of the frenzied opening riff and steady, driving drums sets the bar high for the nine tracks that are to follow.

Long Holiday echoes the sun-tinged indie of the ‘90s, layered with ethereal harmonies and languid, hazy guitars, whilst the phenomenal 1987 is punchy and playful; reminiscent of the intelligent garage-indie of Broken Social Scene. Fuzzy psychedelic track Mellow is reverb-drenched, punctuated by distant vocals and dense sonic guitars. The post-rock drone of Roygbiv follows, and Sun Hail and Rain’s continuous percussive drive and grooving bassline allows the perfectly aligned male/female vocals to shimmer. Title track Mindfullness employs a post-punk sway, buzzing with distorted guitars and power chords.

Formed in 2011 in Brunswick by school friends Brodie and Gemma, they played every show they could week in, week out in Melbourne’s bustling inner north to finesse their sound. Debut single Wavygravy (2013) perfectly set the scene by truly capturing the unhinged essence of a Flyying Colours show. But the recent addition of the impressive abilities of Andy on drums and Mel on bass have taken that unhingedness to undreamt-of-levels, making the beautiful trip of their live show, something to truly marvel”.



ORGAN THING: Lovely Little Girls? Art Conference? Shall we have our own?

Lovely Little Girls, Chicago’s finest, have a new album out, led by (somewhat disturbing) painter Gregory Jacobsen, they’re a band who’ve been championed via our pages and airwaves lots.  There’s a new album out on Skingraft Records, Lovely Little Girls are mostly to be found operating in the USA, they’re busy touring right now   is it really bringing us together?


Really not sure what to make of this Art Conference thing? It seems to be mostly an art industry thing and from what I can see of the “art industry”, especially here in London, rather like the so-called “art media” never actually go out and check what’s actually going on outside of their safe little art bubble. Never seem to see or hear any of them in the fractured warehouses, car parks and back streets of the city… Still, it hasn’t happened yet? Who knows, there’s an interview with organiser Tina Ziegler over on the London Calling blog, hey we’re just leaving you the information here….

London Calling: What made you want to set up The Art Conference?

Tina Ziegler: I felt there was a need to bring people together to have a discussion about what was going on in the art market. I wanted to bring people together who are doing remarkable work in the art market – artists, curators, art administrators, gallery directors. It’s a real mix of people and that’s where the value is, having all these diverse perspectives.


PLAY: Art Conference? Shall we have our own?

Art Conefrence? Shall we have our own?

ORGAN THING: The Art Conference happens this weekend, what’s that then?



So what is the Art Conference then? The Arts Conference is happening this weekend here in London, According to the press release The Art Conference is a Two-day festival full of art, culture and technology”

“The Art Conference is a two-day festival for art, tech and culture professionals held on the 23rd and 24th of July, brings together 18+ international keynote speakers, artists and thought leaders to debate across a series of seminars, panel discussions and interactive exhibitions. We are creating a platform to discuss, connect and engage with contemporary art from a fresh perspective”

Not sure what a “culture professional” actually is.likewise “thought leaders” but hey, keep an open mind, there’s certainly some decent art involved this coming weekend… .


“The Art Conference will be occupying all the three floors of The Ugly Duck, a 19th century building in London Bridge, with the two top floors dedicated to the conference and the ground floor to our Exhibitions Hall where we will have mini solo shows from Robert Montgomery, Tinsel Edwards, Maser, Will Vibes, Colin McMaster, Dan Witz,  a mural program by Mr. Penfold and an amazing Visual Reality experience from Jose Montemayor”.


Tinsel Edwards

The panel of keynote speakers include:  Jordan Seiler (Artist, Founder of Public Ad Campaign), Mia Grondahl (Art Administrator, Founder of Women on Walls), Dan Witz  (Artist, Project Breathing Room), Tinsel Edwards (Artist and Activist), RJ Rushmore (Journalist and Curator, Founder of Vandalog), Lucy McLauchlan (Artist), Robert Montgomery (Artist, Poet and Sculptor), Maser (Fine Artist and Mural Painter), Jose Montemayor (VR artist and photographer), Valentina Fois (Digital art curator), Dan Lewis (App Developer, Founder of Skute), Teresa Latuszewska (Founder of Urban Forms Foundation), Vestalia Chilton (Curator of MB6, Morocco), Guillaume Trotin (Director of OpenWalls Gallery), Louis Jensen (Art Director, Founder of Spraying Bricks), Charlotte Webster (Arts Administrator, Founder of Human Nature).



The exhibitions in the Exhibition Hall will cover the ground floor of the venue and is free and open to the public on Saturday 23rd July and Sunday 24th of July from 11:00 to 19:00.


VIRTUAL AWAKENING by Jose Montemayor


SIGNS OF THE TIMES by Tinsel Edwards

MASQUERADES by Mr. Penfold

ILL REPUTE by Colin McMaster

LIGHT POETRY by Robert Montgomery

MODULAR by Will Vibes


Full program, details of the artists, speakers and tickets available via the website