THING OF THE DAY: Baltimore street artist GAIA in Newcastle and London, a little more than just guerilla marketing for that next gallery show…


THING OF THE DAY? Really enjoying that Title Sequence album that has come out today. Thing of the day? The thing is today, is that  Spring really is a state of mind, they can’t take Spring away, the weather gods can’t have it all their rain-swamped way and not everything is iconic, stop saying it is, it is probably not stunningly iconic or awesomely iconic or anything iconic, stunning or anything else over the moon…

“Watch this stunning short on Gaia’s very recent trip to Newcastle, where he created two mural works on the infamous Byker Estate, and be sure to check out the artist’s latest debut UK solo exhibition ‘Show of Hands’ on April 11th”  so said Nelly Duff

And this is a refreshing, intelligent thought on the nature of (street) art, the way it interacts, a little more than just guerilla marketing, good to hear it.. of course the fact that the  NELLY DUFF gallery people have put the video up on line as a piece of guerilla marketing is a little bit of a contradiction, we’ll pretend we didn’t notice that though, an art gallery has to survive after all…

Show Of Hands
Nelly Duff 11th April 2013

“GAIA is a young American street artist, whose work shows a sophistication far beyond his years. Gaia often works on a huge scale to depict his subjects, always managing to capture great depth of emotion via the delicate tracery of his lino-cut pieces…not a show to be missed!” (Nelly Duff)

Urban Guerrilla” is a 1973 song by the UK rock group Hawkwind. It was originally released as a single in the UK (UP35566) on 27 July 1973 with “Brainbox Pollution” as the B side, reaching #39 on the UK singles chart before being withdrawn after 3 weeks. – read on

Here’s that debut TITLE SEQUENCE album Stills that we were telling you about the other day in full, the London band really do have a gloriously glowing sound, deceptively simple. The album is out  today….

More of this tomorrow, maybe….



Spring at Cultivate, Vyner Street, until March  25th

Spring at Cultivate, Vyner Street, until March 26th

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