New POLYSICS earfood and eye candy, mushrooms down Vyner Street this Thursday…

Organ, 90's style...

Organ, 90’s style…

A whole bunch of Things of the day, well no, no time, just two, still all London-bus-like (again),  while there’s a spare moment, before the head-peckers start again and really do, things things things…. New POLYSICS earfood and eye candy, new CHRISTIAAN NAGEL down Vyner Street this Thursday…

“Japan’s notorious boiler suited techno-new-wave hooligans POLYSICS return with Weeeeeeeeee!!!, their latest high-energy album, scheduled to shatter the eardrums of the UK and Europe from 10 June” Here’s a taste of things…  things always taste good with Polysics


THING TWO… CHRISTIAAN NAGEL, oh no, hang on, 2021 time for a re-write

Thing is, those CHRISTIAAN NAGEL mushrooms at the top of Vyner Steet (London, E2) that we  told you about the other day, “why are they there mummy? Are they poisonous?” said the little girl walking past in the filthy London rain just now. Why are they there? A (details removed, all aprt of a history rewrite) this Thursday but here we are in 2021 and the artist wants this page removed, he wants his history rewitten, same old street art marketing bulshit so it seems, apprently now, the mushrooms were just there, nothing to do with anything, just pieces of art. There’s no history here in 2021, here’s more photos of the mushrooms on the roof, they look good in the sun but why we bothered back in 2013 I really don’t know, guess they looked good back there in the r ain, they look rather good up there..  and here we are rewriting history in 2021, the Mushrooms are long gone with whatever else was happening, whatever they were there for apparently didn’t happen, his people have asked us to remove all trace of it. Yes we could just delete this whole page but why the hell should we? Why should history be re-written or errased?  The mushrooms have gone, the galleries and art community of Vyner Street have all gone now, gentrified out, not many of the artists gave a shit,.  street Art does mostly seem to come wrapped in bulshit and marketing and the money shot anyway and we’re not here to play a part in anyone’s marketing plan.  Same thing happened with that other bloke, he likes to pretend he never set foot down Vyner Street or that we supported him or hung his art on our walls  Never trust a street artist…


Christiaan Nagel.Fresh Mushroom growth at the top of Vyner Street, May 23rd 2013

Christiaan Nagel.Fresh Mushroom growth at the top of Vyner Street, May 23rd 2013

Meanwhile while those mushrooms grow at the top of the street, down in the middle this week, THIS WEEK is happening

cultivate_thisweekTHIS WEEK (and next) at CULTIVATE  Opening on Friday 24th May and running until June 4th.  Usual gallery opening times, 11.30am -6pm Thursday to Sunday or by appointment. 24th MAY until 4th JUNE

Just a room full of art from some of our favourite artists for a week (or two). featuring ALO, BORTUSK LEER, ROBIN DOYLE (AKA What Have I Done Now), MYDOG SIGHS, SIXONESIX, D7606, EMMA HARVEY. LEWIS BANISTER, MISS WAH, ZOE CROSSE, LIMBO and more. A busy way to use a room while we wait for the flowers to grow….

And here in 2021 here we are being asked to remove this entire page and all other mentions, to destroy all that history of a street that really wasn’t ducumented enough and is nothing but almost lsot histrory now… frankly no.


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