Five more musical things you really should have taken the time to check out in 2013

seansat10Five more musical things you really should have taken the time to check out in 2013. We gave you five (in no particular order) yesterday, and here today, still in no particular order, are five more…

Well we say no particular order, but really, only Death Grips put up any kind argument to suggest that Boston’s (or are they Brooklyn based now) KAYO DOT didn’t release the album of the year….


meanwhile over here in London, the Mule finally got their shit together…

that perfect piece of trash known as MIRACULOUS MULE have had themselves a rather productive 2013, an excellent debut album from Michael J Sheehy and his band along with some blistering shows (as well as they fit in with broken-ass backroom bars, they really do deserve to be playing in far biggest dives, these people should be household names by now).


Another bit of Organ from July of this year “Seems CLIPPING have now signed to SubPop and their debut album (something we told you about on these pages ages ago) will be emerging in 2014, so expect to start reading about them in your music media sometime soon… ‘midcity’ can be downloaded for free via clipping.’s site”


Back in July we also said

Thing of the Day…. there is always a thing of the day, that’s the thing, no thrills Organ of communication – today’s signposts are pointing at the musical adventures of a man called Nnandi Ogbonnaya. Give NNAMDI’S SOOPER-DOOPER SECRET SIDE PROJECT a little time to unwind and worm in to your ears.  Once you’ve explored the super dooper side project, there’s the in-your-face glories of NERVOUS PASSENGER where you find him playing bass guitar, actually there seems to be a lot more to Nnamsi’s workd, how many bands is he in? This will do for today, lots more soon, no, can’t leave without mentioning THE PARA-MEDICS, a math rock trio he appears to play drums in….



Glasgow’s best kept secret, THE BLUE SHIP and “Too atonal for pop, too catchy for the avant-guarde, too vulgar for the classical elite, too highbrow for punks, too intelligent for idiots, too idiotic for intellectuals, the Blue Ship defies classification, belief and YOU!”

And we make no appologies for revisiting this from July

THING OF THE DAY? What day are we on now? AK/DK play East London this coming Thursday (July 18th), alongside Chik Budo, at the Victoria in Dalston. Who are AK/DK? Two humans : two drumkits and a lot of electronics is what they are, here comes a cut’n paste taste of who they are….

AK/DK in their own words….

akdk16_webAK/DK create improvised layers of fuzzed-up synths, delays and arpeggios, and thunderous double drums. Their live shows move between the thrashy dance of Death From Above 1979 through progressive/motorik rhythms of Neu, to beautiful melodic sections that sound like they could have been beamed direct from the 1960s sound lab of Raymond Scott.

AK/DK are Graham Sowerby (drums and synths) and Ed Chivers (drums and synths). The project started after a chance meeting at a party – they found that they had a shared love of old synths and drums. A month later they were playing their first gig in front of a packed audience in The Shunt, under London Bridge Station. The brief was to play this gig after no rehearsals, and having no songs – whatever happened on stage was going to be a direct reaction to the energy of the audience. Since then, inevitably some songs have started to appear, however they have tried to stay true to this ethos; every gig is improvised, and unique to that particular night.

Their mix of abstract electronics and raucous energy has already earned them support slots with artists such as Fujiya & Miyagi, Zombie Zombie, and Dan Deacon. In 2012 they played a 1.5hr improvised performance onstage with two of their key influences – Damo Suzuki (Can) and Ann Shenton (Add N to X/Large Number).

Dispatch_3_Cassette_003April 2012 saw them tour with The Dandy Warhols playing to sold out theatres around Europe. “We found ourselves on stage at the prestigious l’Olympia, Paris, in front of 2,500 people, still without any proper songs!” This anarchic spirit of musical freedom endeared them to audiences across Europe from Zurich, to Glasgow, via Dusseldorf – the home of ‘Krautrock’.

AK/DK have been busy in the studio recording their 3rd single ‘Battersea’ (ouy now) and the follow-up full album should be out in the summer.

The latest release is Battersea, out now on (purple) cassette and as a download…


There’s a free download here….

And some of us around here think PET SHOP BOYS still have it and Electric was one of the albums of 2013…

Back in March those MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI started to get busy again and we said something like “What  we are is what we are and there is no reason why there should be a link to a 1978 John Peel session from Wire here, but there is, there is no reason why there should still be some kind of Organ, but there is, a fly in your ointment, a fly in your eye, an iron in your fire, there can never be too many irons in your fire and what we do is what we do, no more, no less, circle slowly while we throw links and signposts and things at you, throw them at you so you can go explore or go ignore, go barbecue, go buddy go. Sounds like those Mayors have quit all that hipster emo-shouty yelping, taken on a healthy dose of Deerhoof in their with their with their obtuse energy and galloped off towards some rather interesting pasture with this. the first taste of their new album, sounds like they might be building on the ir early promise, this is good….”


And back in January we celebrated the fact that BEYOND PINK were on their way from Sweden….. We still have time for no messing metal-edge in your face hardcore punk rock around these parts. Here’s what we said…  “BEYOND PINK are. on their way over, the all girl hardcore speed-punk outfit from Malmo, Sweden, hit the beautiful old school proper pub venue that is Deptford’s gloriously wholesome Birds Nest..”


And POIL, we can’t ignore Poil! “we could just have Cat Youtube of the day, that would keep you more than happy, never mind no music or no art, cats is what the internet is for, cat scratch fever, here’s a new POIL video, Poil rule, you know that already though”


That was five wasn’t it? More of this next year (maybe)

Almost  forgot LIARS…..


HAPPY NEW YEAR (There was no argument about the album of the year was there? And those videos weren’t bad either….. It goes, it goes, ir still goes….)



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