ORGAN THING: Another taste ahead of the We Could Not Agree opening tonight

We Could Not Agree opens tonight, an expansive group show featuring over one hundred of London’s more active and out there artists brought together by eight of London’s more agreeable curators.  All happens down on level three of that underground car park underneath Cavendish Square, central London…  There’s been a couple of previews on these pages already, here’s another taste in the shape of Michal Ohana Cole‘s piece called Home Sweet Home



And a taste of the set up and some of the pieces you may see tonight


Previous Organ coverage ahead of WE COULD NOT AGREE 

ORGAN THINGS: Emma Street, the car park, The Heart of Bruno Wizard, the Homosexuals and a pile of fallen leaves down underground…

ORGAN THING: “We are a challenge to Frieze because in many ways we don’t exist…” Vanya Balogh on next week’s We Could Not Agree art show in a car park

The opening night is 6pm to 9pm tonight, Monday 13th October and then the show runs daily from Tuesday 14th Oct until Sunday 19th October at QPark Cr park, Level -3, Cavandish Square, London W1.


we couldnot_narrow


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