ORGAN THING: The 2015 Chinese Open, where? When? Who? The Artists and…

chineseopen2015_flyerCHINESE OPEN TIME, can we now consider it an annual event? The Chinese Open is here again, last year it was the horse, this year the sheep..

“The Sheep are among the animals that people like most. It is gentle and calm. Since ancient times people have learned to use its fleece to make writing brushes and skin to keep warm. As it is white, people describe delicate and precious white jade to be ‘suet jade’.  Thus it is close to the meaning of good things.”

A Historic 3rd Consecutive CHINESE OPEN reclaims the multi-storey car park on Newport Place in the heart of Soho, Chinatown. You are cordially invited to join us and celebrate the arrival of sheep in our midst. Exhibition will feature over 100 international artists who work in various media including performative, video and sound installation works. Entry is free and we open at 12 noon sharp. Soho will be closed down to traffic on the Sunday 22nd and we highly recommend a brisk walk to Chinatown to view this wonderful array of works in a unique setting.

Welcome To The Year Of Sheep  (kindly supported by Geoffrey Leong PR & Q PARK)

Private View > Sunday 22nd February 2015  12 noon until 6pm > Level -1 & Level -7 / use the stairs / Bring Your Own Booze  Exhibition continues on Level -7 ONLY  until Saturday 28th February 2015… Open daily from 12noon until 7pm

chineseopen_sheepChinese Open 2015 > Artists on Show 

Alice HERRICK / Pascal ROUSSON / Mark WOODS / Tracey MOBERLY / Cedric CHRISTIE / Emma HARVEY / Sean WORRALL / Rebecca SCOTT / Roger CLARKE / Sarah SPARKES / Vanya BALOGH / Toni GALLAGHER / Sarah BUCKLE / Julia MADDISON / John STEPHENS / Siobhan BRADSHAW / Cate LIS / Jonas RANSSON / Christina MITRENTSE / Samia MALIK / Kaitlyn Helene SASS / Jonathan RAVEN / Urban XXX / Sarah DOYLE / Jim RACINE / Fiona HAINES / Blair ZAYE / Karen AY / Andrew STYS / Miyuki KASAHARA / Xiao YU / Steve SMITH / Tiziana MANDOLESI / Aerial SPARKS / Glen Fitzy FITZPATRICK / Susana Lopez FERNANDEZ / Gzillion ARTIST / Becca QUIRK / Lorenzo BELENGUER / Valerie PEZERON / Chris SIMPSON / Rebecca FEINER / Phillip Raymond GOODMAN / Susana SANROMAN / Danny POCKETS / Vanja KARAS / Calum F KERR / Danielle HODSON / Andrew STANNEY / Rekha SAMEER / Ashley Scott FITZGERALD / Jude Cowan MONTAGUE / Alex DIPPLE / Mark O ROURKE / Geraldine SWAYNE  / Martin SEXTON / Anita BRYAN / Jonathan HOOD / Sooz BELNAVIS / Patrick DODDS / Dean TODD / Slobodan TRAJKOVIC / India RoperEVANS  / Negin VAZIRI / Grassy NOEL / Martin Paul EVERETT / Tom ESTES / Paul SAKOILSKY / KeelerTORNERO / LHDH / Andie MACARIO / Ray GANGE / Harry YEFF / Jeffrey DISTRONAUT / Maria Teresa GAVAZZI / Ot LYLIE / Ben HOPPER / Taline TEMIZIAN / Ibby DOHERTY / Nadia BALLAN / Hedley ROBERTS / Julian FIRTH / Patrick MORRISSEY & Clive Hanz HANCOCK / Sex23 / Joanna McCORMICK / Loukas MORLEY / Giles ABBOTT / Mikey GEORGESON / Tisna WESTERHOF / Stimulus LTD / / Robert Noah TIGG / Samuel BRZESKI / Roman TAHER / Birgitta HOSEA / Desdemona VARON / Victor VELVET / Jim ROSEVEARE / Garry DOHERTY / Jake MODERN / Maslen MEHRA / Djelal ISPANEDI  /Gillian DUFFY / Norman MINE / Stepahne BLUMI / Sheila BUCKLEY /Francesca PAPPACODA/ dj ROBERTS  / Sofia BORGES / Parkash KA KAUR / Lucinda BOLTON / Paul GILDEA / Alexi WORRALL / Sharon DREW / Mark JONES / Thomas J RIDLEY / Tracie SHAYLOR / Toko YAMAMOTO & Giles WALKER / Sophie DICKENS / Brad PITTS & Downey JUNIORS

Here’s some of what went down last year, at the 2014 Chinese Open, car parks were the thing in 2014… click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show….



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