ORGAN THING: Zero Landscape’s new Carla Bozulich video….

A thing is needed….. a need for a thing, but there isn’t a thing…. can’t have a thing just for the sake of having a thing. Late on Wednesday evening when we first looked at that Banksy video and what he’s been doing in Gaza, less that three hundred people had viewed the YouTube, early Friday morning and the view count is 767,283, now that is an artist using his position and voice. I can’t claim to be a massive fan of the art Banksy actually makes, he does seem to ‘borrow’ quite a lot of it, and he guilty of inspiring the clutter of a million faceless copycat stencil artists all popping up and tediously taking up space with their slickness over substance and hey here’s another stencil of a rat/balloon/clown/starwars lego character. Do often like what Banksy does with some of the generic imagery he creates and a stencil of a cat becomes a lot more when it wants to play with the children in the ruins of Gaza.  good on Banksy, sometimes art should say nothing save for what it says about itself and sometimes art should really say something about something more, perhaps the ebullient Brian Sewell was wrong about how he should have been drowned at birth? Can’t forgive him for Brainwash, Bambi  and the rest though, the man still has a lot to answer for….

You are being filmed

You are being filmed

Gloriously day today, have we got a thing yet? Like this new video from Dutch film maker Zero Landscape that came to our attention this morning, find the Zero Landscape..


“Zero Landscape made a music video for “Gonna Stop Killing”, a track written by the American singer Carla Bozulich. The song reflects a turning point in the existence of a hitman as he is retiring from his profession and ready to embrace a new life Starring Steven Lucke, and a special mention goes to his close friend Roy, the senior parakeet”.



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