FIVE THINGS FOR MONDAY: Music from TIM, A new BIG DEAL show announced, Brazilian art duo BICICLETA SEM FREIO open in London this Thursday, new JUTE GYTE album…

Monday Monday, five things we had never heard of when we woke up this fine sunny March Monday morning. Today we shall post about five things that entered our lives for the very first time today, music from bands we’d never heard of, new art shows announced today, who know what, let’s see what the glorious daffodil filled second day of spring brings….

1 TIM  Who are Tim? We don’t know, they crossed our paths this morning, they’re from France, so much good music flowing out of France at the moment, this is from 2013, we certainly want some more please..


“Tim est un sextet, jouant deux batteries fusionnée devant, trois guitares/basses derrière, une trompette et un clavier au milieu, distillant une musique rythmique, où les mélodies intenses et entêtantes côtoient les basses lourdes et noises”.

2: BIG DEAL 666 – The latest Big Deal show, number 666 has been announced this morning (wasn’t number 6 last year in Fulham?), This time a whole bag load of London Artists, this one in a space in Camden, don’t ask us who the Morning Star is…

bigdeal666Big Deal No666. An art show curated by The Morning Star. Opens on 9th April 2015, 6 till 10pm with Geraldine Swayne, Pascal Rousson, Paul Sakoilsky, Nadia Ballan, Hedley RobertsDanny Pockets, Michal Ohana-Cole, Tom EstesJude Cowan Montague, Gzillion Artist, Martin Sexton, Andie Macario, Mark Woods, Ot Lylie, Julia MaddisonPeter Gravelle, Gonny van Hulst, Rebecca Scott, Phillip Raymond Goodman, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick , Sian Kate Mooney & Tomaz Kramberger

3: LUMINOUS BODIES are playing of at the Windmill in Brixton on Friday March 6th, they share a bill with excellently named Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (as well as Blown Out, Casual nun and Fuckjar), they describe themselves as a scumbag lysergic racket, glorious racket if you ask us. A gig recommended by us via the pages of just for those Pigs, whole bill sounds good though…  like the brooding menace of these Bodies..


4: BICICLETA SEM FREIO and the first ever show in London for the acclaimed Brazilian artist duo

“JUSTKIDS will hold a pop-up exhibition in London showcasing the artworks of internationally famed Brazilian duo of illustrators Bicicleta Sem Freio (“Bicycle Without Brake”). Curated by Charlotte Dutoit from JUSTKIDS, the ephemeral exhibition will be open to visitors from the 5th through the 8th of March”.
justkids_bici“Following their recent international large-scale public artworks across Europe and America in major cities likes London, Berlin, Miami, Las Vegas or Los Angeles (where they painted the largest building ever in DownTown), Bicicleta Sem Freio aka Douglas de Castro and Renato Perreira are preparing for their first ever solo show in London UK, where they will translate their signature style of highly expressive line work and vibrant color palette writing into fine art works with confidence. “FERA”, translates from Portuguese to mean wild or savage, intends to present on canvas and paper their unexpected juxtaposition of imaginary, rock’n’roll and often provocative subjects. Their sophistication is revealed by the layers of ideas they picture and the references they suggest, showcasing an ironic pop iconography. Dream girls, adorned with 80’s jewellery and ethnic fabrics, entranced by hipster looking panthers or troubadour wizards, inexplicably accompanied by exotic bird hidden in lush vegetation. More than enough to keep your eyes wide open and to ensure you are mesmerized by Bicicleta’s ‘Fera’ without brakes”

The exhibition is produced by JUSTKIDS and hosted by RexRomae.

5: JUTE GYTE  release a new album this morning, here it is in download form . The “Experimental Black Metal, Ambient, Noise” experience from Missouri have been releasing experimental earfood since 2002 so it seems. Seem Jute Gyte have been featured on the Other Rock show, de-tuned atonal metal and such, so not so new to some around here, but hey….
Here’s some more from a previous release
There you go, five things we didn’t know about when the morning started with a crash of daffodils this morning…..More of this tomorrow, maybe…

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