ORGAN THING …where beards are grown and people talk loudly about their next film shoot crowdfunding start up tech hub project about tattoos…



Does any of this matter?  Creating things? Doing things? Things? Just listened to a new far too cluttered mess of song from And So I Watch You From Afar a couple of times, and I do keep wanting to like Warpaint yet always fail to do so. Y’see an e.mail press release just came in, Warpaint tour with The Garden opening for them, The Garden really aren’t doing it either, just checked out their new YouTube posted video, or a least a video posted at the end of last year they just e.mailed us a link to. This e.mails flood in, record labels, bands, press releases, listen to this you’ve never heard anything as good as this…  Here’s an e.mail telling us something about Chilly Gonzales, always sounded like some East London hipster fast food professional coffee drinking hang out where beards are grown and people talk loudly about their next film shoot crowdfunding start up tech hub project to me, that or some too cool for their own good Hot Chip type band who people who go to Glastonbury like . 


Anyways, the e.mail press-release thing was not about some hipster tattoo-comparing burger bar for loud people who like everyone in the neighbourhood to know they’re doing something important like making a documentary about beards that will be on Vimeo soon if they do get that funding and they have a production meeting next week so they need a dog sitter for the afternoon and why is it all so difficult and who let the beards out anyway. No, the press release was actually bringing us news of a forthcoming performance from Chilly Gonzales, and as we always do have a listen before we tear the e.mail press release up and throw it in the recycling . Can’t say I’ve really bothered out yer man Chilly before, a kind of pleasant piano-fulled release a break from all these average indie alternative whatever the hell bands and things that are cluttering up everything so far today. Riot in magenta? If only there was a hint of a riot, just a tiny little hint that something might kick off…



“Chilly Gonzales announces biggest UK concert to date”, says the press release, it happens at the Royal Festival Hall in November 2015.  Chilly Gonzales & Kaiser Quartet, 7th November 2015 Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre.  Tickets apparently go on general sale Friday 6th March. Have we forgiven the Southbank over their treatment of the Undercroft yet? Don’t think we have, certainly not forgiven Billy Bragg or that self proclaimed “hip-Hop dude”. .Here, have a slice of Agnostic Front for no reason what so ever…


And here’s some Aqua Dentata  You can catch Aqua Dentata over at North London’s Cafe Oto this coming Friday March 6th, Cage Oto press releases always an oasis of relief

“Aqua Dentata is a solo project of Eddie Nuttall, a London-based artist. Working primarily with electronic and acoustic devices, Nuttall creates a dense tapestry of hypnotic drones and surreal textures, employing a refined and considered approach within a DIY framework”.

“No-one in what this blog lovingly refers to as the ‘no-audience underground’ is producing work as consistently brilliant as Eddie Nuttall. The back catalogue of his project Aqua Dentata – growing with the alien beauty and frustrating slowness of a coral reef – contains not a wasted moment. His work – quiet, long-form dronetronics with metallic punctuation – is executed with the patience and discipline of a zen monk watching a spider construct a cobweb.” – Radio Free Midwich


FRIDAY at CAFE OTO  CORDYCEPS IS YOUR FRIEND: TIME ATTENDANT + LAKE OF SNAKES + AQUA DENTATA + JECKLIN + GRAPEFRUITS + LAID EYES (FILM) + TARTARUGA RECORDS (DJ)  – Sonic seeds and spores from astonishing ‘earthbound sci-fi’ electronic musician Paul Snowdon, aka Time Attendant, crushing Manchester sax/bass/drums riff trio Lake of Snakes (featuring members of Gnod, Horrid, and Skulldozer), Eddie Nuttal’s hypnotic and densely woven Aqua Dentata project, synth/cello/drums improv trio Grapefruits, plus filmprojection from Laid Eyes and Tartaruga Records DJing throughout and til late.

Enough of this, I gotta go….


More tomorrow, maybe





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