ORGAN THINGS: Body of Work, Casey Jenkins for hire, fresh Brainticket Krautness, Animal Collective re-issued for record store day…

casey_forhireShallow pits, giant pits, art pits, pits of things, empathy with a what? Braintickets? Breaking news? No news good news, there is no love between us anymore. Shall we have a thing today? Did you drip paint on those bricks? Spraying bricks, body of work? What’s Casey doing? What are we doing? We don’t talk about these things, slow down the flow, out with the Montana Gold, in with 94, different taste, make some toast, disjointed? What about that damn book? Cut the crap…  Casey Jenkins is one of our favourite artists, never one to take the easy option, never one to shy away and not challenge herself, and not challenge others, never comfortable, well no, maybe she is? You may remember her from the tambourines hanging off the wires of Vyner Street from a couple of years ago,  or that vaginal knitting that flowed in to so many minds so gloriously.

This month is about Casey’s Body Of Work   That’s the link to hte Facebook event page, here’ the link to the Australian artist’s ‘proper’ website

Casey, flinging in Vyner Street

Casey, flinging in Vyner Street

Wondering what you should hire me to do? Absolutely anything you please, that’s what.
Maybe you think I’m a bit of a shit & it would quite amuse you to have me jog on the spot for an hour singing incy wincy spider.
I will do that!
Or perhaps you’re secretly in heart emoticon with me & would like to tell me so for a couple of hours while I file my nails.
I will do that!
Or maybe you just have a massive load of ironing to get through.
I will do that.
Pay me the $$ & my time is yours. I’ll do whatever you want: you’re the boss. We all buy portions of human lives every day when we buy something as simple as a chocolate bar, though most often we’re conveniently blind to it. This is pretty much the same, just with blinkers off”.


BRAINTICKET “Check out this track from the newly released Brainticket album Past Present and Future, featuring Joel Vandroogenbroeck in collaboration with Hedersleben whom together created a sonic journey that has been set to push the sonic boundaries into the astral plane and beyond!” So said Hawkwind’s man on the horn, Nik Turner



“The brand new studio album featuring the band’s most ambitious and … melodically sophisticated compositions since their extraordinary 1970 debut album Cottonwoodhill”

“Braintticket founder and leader Joel Vandroogenbroeck brought on board an exceptionally talented group of musicians to help bring his vision to life including UK Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt, Jürgen Engler of Die Kurpps, Jason Willer & Kephera Moon from Nik Turner’s band, and others” The new album, Past Present and Future has just been release, most seem to agree it just might be their best thing since their early 70’s work….



And look, Animal Collective ten years after, re-issued for Record Store Day…. Does it still sound good?

“Almost exactly ten years since its original release on FatCat, Animal Collective’s ‘Prospect Hummer’ EP is being re-issued as a Record Store Day exclusive on April 18th. Previously only available on CD and digitally, the record is this time made available in a first-ever vinyl pressing in a limited edition of 1,500 copies (UK / Europe). The record comes with outer and inner sleeves, both of which feature full colour artwork, and the recording has been specially re-mastered for vinyl.

‘Prospect Hummer’ was the last release to see Animal Collective operating in a largely acoustic singer-songwriter / freak-folk mode, and three of the EP’s four tracks feature the sweet, distinctive vocals of cult singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan, whose last abum – the brilliantly-received ‘Heartleap’ – was released by FatCat at the end of last year.

The idea for this EP germinated during a 2003 tour which saw Animal Collective (playing as an Avey Tare / Panda Bear duo) supporting Four Tet across the UK. Having long been huge fans of her sole album at that time (the rediscovered 1970 gem, ‘Just Another Diamond Day’), Animal Collective happened to meet Vashti when the tour passed through Edinburgh (Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden having recently played as part of Vashti’s band during her first live set in over 30 years at the Royal Festival Hall). Following this meeting, ideas were hatched and conversations began, culminating in the group selecting these three beautiful songs for Vashti to make a home in.

‘Prospect Hummer’ was recorded by their friend Rusty Santos (who co-produced ‘Sung Tongs’) at Idle Luxury studios in London over three days in April 2004, whilst the band were were embarking on their second UK / European tour around their seminal ‘Sung Tongs’ album. The ‘Prospect Hummer’ EP was eventually released a year later in early May 2005, just a handful of months before their brilliant breakthrough album, ‘Feels’.

Largely acoustic-based, the record centres around the three harmonised vocal tracks, ‘It’s You’, ‘Prospect Hummer’, and ‘I Remember Learning How To Dive’. Weaving their luscious, multi-layered web around Vashti’s singing, these three tracks feature Animal members Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Deakin. A fourth track, the instrumental ‘Baleen Sample’ was completed later in the year, and includes samples from band member Geologist, who was absent from the Four Tet tour.

More of this later…. maybe?



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