ORGAN THING: The Lamb Pops Up on Broadway, a one day show before the walls come down on yet another art space….

Matthew Rose

Matthew Rose

First off, what d’yamean, first off!? Don’t come around here with your first offs! We don’t do First offs,flip off with your first offs or your first downs and stuff your Venice and your vernissage, Birmingham has better canals and far less bulpoop, bring on the City of Colours. We imagine Shaky Jake next door will probably be there, we imagine things will be dropped, or carefully placed,nothing is ever dropped. More of the city of Colour on another day. First off the property developers have struck yet again, the war on everything goes on, time for another London art space to close, time for us all to piss off once more, London needs more flats for Russian investors to buy and rent back to us at prices none of us can afford, tear down the communities, rip down the venues, the art spaces, the much loved pubs that have stood for centuries, pull down the meeting places, the creative places, throw out the locals, throw out the people that bring the creativity and the colour to the dead spaces, throw out the heart, the soul, send them to Coventry. London is not for the likes of us anymore. Vote Lisa and no lambs lying down without a last stand, bring on the imperial aerosol can, the carpet crawlers and the end of another art studio, this time it ends with a bit of style.

popup_foffPop Up Fuck Off is a delightfully named art show happening over at Broadway Studios 28 Tooting High Street, London SW17 ORG the show apparently runs for one day only on March 28th, and then, flips off. “The exhibition opens at 3pm and will run quite late with musical performances and other art works taking us into the evening“.

Artists from all over London are gathering to end the life of Broadway Studio in style. A whole load of London based artists brought together by Samuel Brzeski and India Roper-Evans….

Broadway Studios is dying, and in it’s wake will be piles upon piles of luxury flats. We are inviting you to Pop up before we all Fuck off. Art, music and performance throughout the afternoon and evening”

Artists include: Elod Beregszaszi, Richard Leppard, Matthew Rose, India Roper-Evans  Flora Deborah, Sophia Simensky Mita Solanky, Samuel Brzeski, Cecily Bates, Rodrigo Souto Eden Lazaness, Helena Mae Brzeski, Miriam Gould, Mary Jones, Amelia Prett, Thomas Wells, Millie Easton, Tom Estes, Cheryl Simmons, Sarah Peace, Sarah Miah, Be Inma Berrocal, Carmen Viñuela, Ele de Luis, Simone Strifele, Sean Worrall, Kathryn Madge, Soundboxed Collective, Daniel P Cunningham, Jamie Misselbrook, Elaine Johnson Lauren Cooper Hayley Don Hill, Xiaoqiao Li, Minami Wrigley, Bob Brown, Luke Sebastian Wilde, Robert Marney Arts, Rob Jones, Phillip Hawkey, Nalini Thapen, Sisters From Another Mister, Milda Lembertaite, Emma Barford, Graham Martin, Andrew Stys, Timothy Holt, Aerial Sparks, Julia Maddison, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Alejandro Tamagno, Sedicente Feccia, Minesweeper Collective, Desdemona Varon, Gzillion Artist, Vanya Balogh, Susana Sanroman, Silvia Cruz Del Alamo, Vanja Karas, Yumi Yoshinaga,  Sinéid Codd, Russell Hill, Caroline Derveaux-Berté “and many more”…

Here’s a little taste of some of the artists involved, not the work they’ll have there on the day, just a tiny tease of a taste…..


Who knows how it will all evolve on the day? Pop in, find out, flip out, pull it down, everything comes to an end in the end….

On with the #365ArtDrops, who needs galleries, on with doing it all ourselves wherever we can, kick over the statues….


You got to keep on keepin on….. all about a two way thing…..




4 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: The Lamb Pops Up on Broadway, a one day show before the walls come down on yet another art space….

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