ORGAN THING: More maximalism from California’s always vital UpsIlon Acrux. A Requiem for The Subway this Friday down under the Elephant and Castle roundabout…

#365ArtDrops Part 6

#365ArtDrops Part 6

Someone not worth naming accusingly spat out that these Organ pages were just far too positive when it comes to the art and the music explored.  Maybe so? But really, this is just about signposts and links and brief words that point you in the direction of the interesting things out there and really what is the point in cluttering up these pages with links that that take you to the negative or the things we really don’t think worth your time or ours? Of course not everything is good, of course not! Most of the music we encounter is annoyingly average, most of doesn’t get a mention here, a lot of the art leaves us rather cold and uninterested, underwhelmed and wondering why.  Went to a dreadful show the other day, rather angered that they should waste people’s time (and arts council money) like that, almost always the case at that gallery, don’t know why I keep going back. So full of their self importance when there really is never anything much to get all self important about, always so aloof about it all, make a sign and tell us you’re there for a start. Yes, we’re positive on these pages, we always have been here at Organ, it always has been about the good things, we make no apologies for it, too many interesting exciting things out there to be cluttering up the pages with negative comment on thing we don’t think worthy of your time or ours.

UPSILON ACRUX - Sun Square Dialect

UPSILON ACRUX – Sun Square Dialect

Here’s a taste of the new album from one of the finest bands of our times, those ever hard-boiled maximalists UpsIlon Acrux have a new album on the way. The Californians have been bending angles and stretching envelopes for something like almost twenty years now,  seriously challenging notions with rock that actually does progress.  Originally formed as a homage to King Crimson – their debut album was a piece of beauty called In the Acrux of the Upsilon King – “Upsilon Acrux has made it their mission to blow, expand and confuse minds and ears since 1997”. We’ve shouted about on these pages as well as in in print and via the airwaves many many times of course, we make no excuse for doing so again.. Album number seven is on the way, it sounds as good as anything they’ve done, here’s a taste and a track called Dogshit on the Shoulders of Giants from the upcoming  Sun Square Dialect.


Sun Square Dialect is out April 14th on New Atlantis Records, here’s what they to say

New Atlantis Records is thrilled to announce the release of Sun Square Dialect, the 7th LP from legendary avant-prog unit, Upsilon Acrux!  Upsilon Acrux will pillage your stereo field, butting coruscating, contradictory lines of unequal measure against explosive percussion, compelling resolutions, and intricate melodies.  Boasting a revamped lineup of dual drums, dual guitars, and Fender Rhodes, the group delivers a massively propulsive, wildly asymmetric takedown of conventional rock structure.  Heralded for their “paradoxical mix of intricacy and immediacy” by PopMatters, virtuoso guitarist Nels Cline once noted that “Upsilon Acrux makes some of the most detailed compositions I have ever heard.”  Longtime fixtures of the Los Angeles experimental music community, their approach to instrumental rock music is unique, stellar, and sweeping.  These sounds are burning, stoked by angularity, mania, and profound mastery of the balance between beauty, tension and release.

Like a blossoming, expansive cult, Upsilon Acrux have had roughly twenty different members work and play in eleven different iterations of the ensemble, of which seven have made records.  The band maximizes the impact of its present configuration by dividing and deconstructing its lines, passing rhythms and melodic fragments through its rank.  Even at their most brutal and challenging, the music is elegant, with each member working in tandem to realize and articulate bafflingly complex gestures with fluidity.  The record was tracked at Infrasonic in Alhambra, CA, with overdubs recorded in the so-called “Appetite for Destruction” room at the storied Record Plant in Hollywood.

Despite having shared the stage with a diverse range of noteworthy and fantastic groups, including the Locust, Dillinger Escape Plan, Blonde Redhead, Yowie, the Peter Brotzmann Quartet, Man is the Bastard, Cheer Accident, Zs, The Fucking Champs, Henry Kaiser, Don Caballero, Child Abuse, Ruins, the Flying Luttenbachers, and many others-  Upsilon Acrux make and destroy cities in the time it takes most bands to cross the street for coffee”.


Meanwhile, next Friday, over in a subway….

“On the evening of Good Friday join us for a choral performance of a new composition by Danyal Dhondy written to mark the imminent demolition of the subways at Elephant and Castle Roundabout. We gather at the centre of the roundabout from 7pm for the performance to begin at sunset and walk the subways for a performance of seven stages. After 104 years of safe underground pedestrian crossings the Mayor of London and Southwark Council are ushering in an era of increased congestion, danger and pollution. Demolition commences on 9 April and the proposed Elephant Square will not be completed until the mid 2020s.(This composition has been commissioned and staged by, a campaigning group that has utterly failed in its objectives, although we might get a cafe in one subway if we’re lucky and another bit turned into a water feature! Let’s hope others can learn from our failure and save their subways).  Here’s the Facebook event page


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